Elk Hunter 338

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Feb 19, 2010
I have a Right handed 300 norma mag tube gun that needs a new home. This rifle is a sweet heart to shoot and is a lazer beam to a very long ways. Just Need to free up funds for upcoming hunting seasons, specs as follows:

Defiance MUTANT custom action with Lapua face bolt and Magnum face bolt (brand new never used) both bolts heavily spiral fluted
Elisio RTM Tube gun Chassis with all the bells and whistles with ergo grip complete chassis is cere koted multi cam while the barrel and action are SS.
Bartlein 5R #13 spiral fluted 10 twist chambered in 300 Norma mag finished @28"
Custom Brake turned seemless (has 338BA brake on it as of now)
Jewel BR trigger (waiting on Jewel bottom safety)
Has both Short action and long action DBM's
comes with 3 Lapua mags and 3 300 win AI mags
Also comes with ultra light shorter varmint fore end never used with atlas rail and flush cup
Pelican hard case with foam cut out for rifle
removable butt pad
50 pieces of new 300 norma brass
one set of 300 norma whidden custom dies
Shoots the 230 berger @ 3015fps validated out to 1820 yards suppressed!
all load data was collected while running a TBAC 338 BA can and it shoots sub half moa with several different loads. Rifle has 150 rounds fired and all load data can be provided.
Asking $5000 shipped to your FFL
I can email or text pics just shoot me a pm
trade options would be high end glass scopes etc let me know