.30-06 Springfield Bolt Action Sporter

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  1. .30-06 / 168 grs A- Max Loads Data with Vv-N150

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  2. 168 grs A-Max Bullets

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  1. Ungoy

    Ungoy New Member

    Jan 7, 2005
    Hi, I have a .30-06 Springfield Sporter , 24 inch Barrel with 1:11 twist. I use Hornady's Match Grade A-Max Bullets at 168 grains. For my primers I use the CCI-LRP and for my Powder, I use VihtaVouri's N150. I needed t know how much powder loasds must I have in my case to be very (pin-point) accurate at very long range targets at 300 yards or more .
    I shoot Varmint Monkeys at the tropics. I only go for head-shots for instant kill... otherwise, I may not retrieve the trophy and just be a waste of sport.
    I understand that different Rifles have their own characteristics, but I have to start somewhere! Can anyone please share me their expertise? I an most appreciative. Thank you!!!