280ai 175 eldx and RL26 pressure?


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Jan 30, 2005
It does not appear that your load is too hot at all, and I assume that you are not having hard extraction? If you can get it, try some R#23 and your groups should tighten up even more. Nosler brass is NOT the toughest by far, keep this in mind if you want to shoot higher pressures without problems.

In my 280 AI, load 58.5g of IMR 7828 with a federal 210, 175g Long range accubond, groups tiny groups that open up a single bullet hole, 175's are about .010 off the lands. I can't say this is the best powder for a 280 AI, but I had it on hand. I see no pressure signs on my Lapua 30/06 brass that was formed to 280 AI.

I am shooting a non trued Rem 700, with a 26" 9T, #5 taper, Brux barrel with a Harrells muzzle break and it is a pure joy to shoot. Stock is a Boyd's laminate with the Shilen hunting trigger.