280 AI loads with 140 grain bullets


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Apr 6, 2009
I have a Remington 280 AI that was barreled by Kenny Jarrett. I am trying 140 grain Accubonds and cannot come up with a load that seems to be the ''cat's meow''. Any help on your pet loads would be appreciated.
I shoot the standard 280 with 140's and 57 grains of H-4831 although it is not the AI version H-4831 or RL-22 should work well for you pick a mid range load with either powder for the standard 280 and work up and you shouil be able to find something good with a bit of effort.
For my rifle 63.5 gr of VV 165 with a CCI BR2 primer and 140 Accubond works very well. Average of .5" for 6-3 shot groups
The following load has been exellent in my .280AI average .35" at 100yds and 1.5" at 600yds in good conditions. gives a MV. of 3125fps from 24" barrel
Nosler custom .280AI brass (cleaned up necks)140 grain nosler Accubond 0.010 off lands. 64.2 grains of H4831SC (work up with caution as this is over noslers stated max load) Federal 210M primers.
I have a super accurate load for the .280AI--60g IMR4831, Fed210 primers, WW nickel brass and the 140g Accubond. This load has shot into a .068 hole for three shots.
Thanks guys for the recipes for the 280 AI, I really appreciate it. I have been shooting Rem. fireformed brass but just order Nosler 280 AI brass. Gonna give it a try as well.
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