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    Sep 28, 2013
    Hayman here- just joined as I was reading a post from one of your members on loading for a 280 AI. Long time shooter and reloader, now mostly hunt chucks and deer for the dogs. Like 200-300yd shots-just more fun that way. Located in Shenandoah Valley of Yirginia

    Just got my 280AI built with a #6 barrel, 27" on a Ruger #1 Sporter frame. I have run about 50 rounds through it- just starting to get the hang of it.

    Also load for 7-08 rem in a CDL bolt action. Have used 4064 all my reloading life having started with a 243. Big fan of Sierra bullets-never done me wrong. I am currently loading 140 gr sierras and 140 gr Barnes TSX over 45 gr of 4064, new nosler factory brass, and Rem LR primers . They are starting to shoot fairly well.

    I have a can of H4831 SC and did a search for that when I hit a post from your site from 2011 extolling the virtues of H4831SC in the 280AI. That post was talking 59-62 gr of H4831SC with a Nosler 140 gr bullet. However, when I measured out the powder at 60 gr it looks like it will be a fairly compressed load with the Barnes. Thought I would check this out with you 280 veterans before I blew myself to heck and back. Any thoughts or high accuracy loads for the 140 TSX?