28 Nosler and true Pressure signs?

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Jun 2, 2010
Hello everyone,
I have been reloading for a 28 Nosler with 195 Bergers and N570. And yes it has the longer throat. I'm getting the ejector wipe at 80.5g at 3015 FPS with Brux barrel and Nesika Bay action. At first I was thinking it was Nosler brass maybe being soft. Now I'm using ADG brass and getting the same ejector wipe at the same load. I have been told that maybe its false pressure signs. I see a lot of folks getting more FPS and was wondering if my rifle just runs slow. I'm approximately 75 rounds down the tube and backed down to 80g. I don't see the ejector wipe on the first two rounds but it will show up on the third. Any info would be great.
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Pictures of the heads? You could have a sharp or raised edge of the ejector plunger hole or ejector on the bolt face, causing swipes.

I am running the 195s at 3084 in mine, and not at pressure. I hit 3160 where I got my first very slight shine of an ejector mark.
Never tried ADG brass but I bought 4 boxes of Nosler brass with 3 lot numbers and had pressure signs with every load I worked up. i got spooked and pulled a lot of bullets. If you are seeing pressure signs well below the book maximums with the ADG, you should try Peterson before you give up. I had zero issues after the switch.
Nosler brass IS soft but if you are seeing the same thing with ADG something is up. I have had the 195's up to and over 3100 with a few different powders (not N570 yet) and no pressure signs at all in ADG brass. With Nosler brass I saw pressure signs like a faint ejector swipe with pretty much every load and every powder, and that includes their very pedestrian 168 CC factory load. ADG is some of the best brass money can buy in my opinion.
My 28 nosler gives the shiny circle from the ejector at 78.0 grn of n570 with nosler brass. In a 29" brux barrel at 3.780" coal. 3140 fps. The barrel pick up 50 fps with the same load after break in.
I have been running 89 grains of N570 with the 169g HH. I don't get ejector marks but when it's really hot out I get a bolt click. 3280 fps with Hornady Brass. SAAMI chamber.
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Sorry guys for the no response. I normally get an email when I get a reply to a post.
I will get a few pictures tonight.
I'm .025 off the lands.
Here is one of the cases.
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Get rid of the carbon ring
I missed the last part of the post#1

Something must be inconsistent with your reloads.
Try 3 factory rounds and see what happens?
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