270win & 130gr Accubond


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May 13, 2012
Dakota del norte
Does any have any load data for the 130AB & re-19 in 270win. Thanks guy's i appreciate any input you guy's might have.....
I use 54 grains of rl17 with a 130 nos bt in one of my 270's. Nos says 58 rl22 with a 130 but I've gone to 60 with sierra bullets. Lyman shows 60 grains for the sierra 130 with rl22 and 57 grains of rl19. I'd start at 54 grains rl19 and work to 57 grains or 3100 fps, whichever comes first. I have used rl19 with my 270 and hornady bonded 130 but I'm not sure of the charge and the target is a ream deep.