270 wsm


Dec 10, 2002
hello, i just registered. i am planning on buying a browning a bolt 270 wsm for whitetail deer hunting most shots will be within 250 yds but can this gun reach out to say 500yds if need be.
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Stick a good bullet with a high BC on it and it'll be fine at 500 yards for nearly anything. 500 Yards is really a chip shot and nearly any rifle can handle shots at those ranges, the problem is the shooter getting over the "it's too far" myth. Practice a lot, use good marksmanship techniques, keep notes, keep quality ammo and maintain LOT control and most of all forget about relying on hold-overs, use a quality scope with turrets. P. S. Don't take marginal shots, it's adifferent ball game and the critters will be very different in reaction at longer ranges.
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