.270 Wby conversion to WSM problems...

Derek M.

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Jul 12, 2004
Converting a .270 Weatherby to the WSM CAN BE DONE. However, it would be a pain/nightmare.

If the barrel is a #1 or #2 and you shorten up the chamber to fit the length of the WSM, you may compromise the barrel distal to the receiver ring. Weatherby barrels avg. 1/3" of free bore space too. The WSM does not. This type of rechambering would take real precision work.

Another problem is that the pilot bushing on the reamer has potential freedom during chambering because of the free bore space.

Let alone you would most likely have feeding problems due to the longer action, unless your gunsmith uses feeding rails or a follower.

You'd be better off, most likely, by buying a new barrel all together as opposed to paying a gunsmith to do all that work.
Why? If it is not accurate, go through the cheaper fixes, like bedding or trying a different bullet, first. Rebarreling is expensive, and when you're done, you've got a short action magnum, with a long action rifle. You may need to modify the magazine, and the bolt, adding to the cost. It may be much better, if you can't get it to shoot, to dump it and get another rifle in 270 WSM, or whatever your cartridge of choice is.
I put this post up as a new response to the intial one regarding the conversion. I think the original post was by Vic.

I'm with you on the bedding etc. But the cost issue at hand was which would be cheaper: converting a weatherby to a WSM or just rebarreling.

My gunsmiths tell me that it would be cheaper to just get a new barrel and go that route compared to rechambering the weatherby to a WSM.
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