250 (3000) Load data for bolt gun

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Mgib, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Nov 5, 2012
    I just got another new rifle. I didn't need it but boy did I want it! It is a Cooper M54 chambered in the old Savage 250-3000. I have never loaded for this caliber before and I'm looking for some sound advice. I have been kicking around the idea of having it reamed to AI......any thoughts on that? I'm not even going to waste my time with the limited factory loads and I'm leaning more toward shooting 75 V-max and 85 Btips even though it seems that 90 to 115 grain is the sweet spot. I have plenty of deer rifles and this one will be used for a walking varmint rifle. There is plenty of published data out there for both bullets, but all that I have found stops at the 44,000 CUP level due to the age of the cartridge. My rifle would be fine at 60+ so why stop there unless accuracy drops off? I'm fully aware that the tapered case will not be so happy with higher pressures, but I'm not to worried about brass life as it is easy to make from a bunch of other fully available cartridges and I could even use 7.62 brass and turn the neck to get a real sturdy case. So I guess what I'm asking is, does anyone load for this in this pressure range? If it is a bad idea accuracy wise......why? Would anyone with software be willing to provide me with some numbers, and if so do you need me to provide B.C. numbers ect.....(I have not purchased any bullets to measure bearing surface or anything else yet so we'll have to rely on published data) I'm assumeing that H4895 and H414, maybe H380 would be the way to go with this; I'm also very curious about the new CFE223 and how it would work here, and overall for that matter having not yet used it. Yes, I'm partial to Hodgdon because it more available to me than others. I know I could tinker and slowly work up to find safe loads, but I'm hoping to eliminate some of the trial and error process with your help. Thanks! P.S. Please no lectures on how this could blow up an older gun. I don't have one and don't know anyone else who does either.
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    Apr 22, 2008
    I have an old savage that I rebarreled and went with the 250AI. Quite an improvement over the standard 250.
    With 75gr bullets H414 shoots better than H380 or R15.
    Velocities from 3340-3500. Best at 3340-around1/2".
    115 Bergers are all I plan on using from now on. 3020fps/low.3's-3100/high.3's. with R17.
    Pressures are not high enough to loosen primer pockets.
    I would love to see what it could do in a rifle like a Cooper!