243 Super Rock Chucker


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Nov 15, 2009
I did a bit of trading this summer and ended up with this "little" 15 pound guy. The rifle is built on a Interarms Mark X action, with a 30" Stainless steel Hart barrel 1:10 twist that measures 1" at the muzzle, the stock is a Fajen Bench Rest laminate, EGW 0 MOA mount, with a Leupold 6-18x VXII scope, sitting in Millet rings. I added the scope mount and Leupold, when I got it there was a Weaver 20x on it in dovetail rings that I didnt like.

The 243 SRC is a 25-06 necked down and blown out, I get 4300fps with 58gr V-Max, 3850fps with 70gr SMK's and Nosler Ballistic tips, and 3750 with 75gr Hornady HP's. Since I have a 25-06 Remington and didnt want to mix things up and wind up with the wrong box of ammo at the range or hunting, I make my brass out of 270 Winchester brass, I neck it down with a false shoulder, trim to length and fire it with full power loads. Once I have it formed I only neck size. The problem I am running into is I only get 3-4 firings per case before the primer pockets get to loose for my liking, which is fine once fired 270 brass is cheap enough.

I mainly use H4831SC in it, thats what I have gotten the best results with, H4350 worked but 4831 grouped tighter with less velocity spread. Takes 56.5gr with 75gr bullets and 57.0gr with 70gr. Its a flat shooting rifle, only take 4.5-4.75 MOA with the 70gr bullets to be zeroed at 500 yards.

243 SRC on the Left 25-06 on the Right

Its a great rifle to shoot from the bench but packing it around isnt the most fun I have ever had but is dueable. My girlfriend shoots it pretty well, its a 1/4MOA gun with me running the trigger and she get right around 4" at 500 yards with it. If she can see it she can put a round on it out to 500 yards, if I dial the scope, (she hasnt shot further or learned MOA's)

Only thing I dont like about it, it wont shoot anything over 75grs with any type of accuracy. I really wish I could shot 90-107gr out of for a bit more punch at extended ranges but what can you do. If I ever deceide to build another one it will be with a 1:8 twist for heavy bullets.

Would you happen to still have the side by side comparison of the 25-06 and the 243 SRC bullet, it wouldn't let me open on here. I recently got a 243 SRC and trying to figure out how to go about making the brass, I have tons of 25-06 once fired brass and no longer have a 25-06 so wanting to use it. Once you have fire formed your brass which die are you neck sizing with 243?
I don't have any pictures anymore. I no longer have that rifle. Brass is fairly easy to make. You need to be able to neck down 25-06 brass just enough to have a crush fit in the chamber. The best way to do that is to take your bolt apart and actually feel the resistance. Neck it down until you have a crush fit but not enough where you have to beat the bolt closed. Fire and shoot. I was using a Hornady universal neck sizer die or just a 243 SRC RCBS full length sizer dies backed out enough that it wasn't touching the shoulder.

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