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Oct 26, 2010
Needing some advice on where to start, I'll be shooting it fro
A 26" 9 1/8" twist bull barrel in a model 700. Just wondering what weight bullets to try and run in it what powders others have had luck with etc.. Thanks
I have had great results with H4350, BR-2 primers, and the Sierra 85HPBT and the same with Nosler 95gr. Ballistic Tips. I guess it depends on what you want to shoot at or hunt?
Yotes, hogs, whitetails you name it. Originally bought it to be a predator gun but have since acquired a bull barrel AR which will be what I carry if I want pelts.
I've had great luck with 85gn SGK's, 75gn V-Max, and 95gn Nosler BT. All shot 1moa with Varget, IMR4350, and H4350. So far the .243 has been my leask finicky and easiest to load gun. Ruger 77 mark II Sporter barrel
The 85gHPBT Sierra is a pretty good bullet. It works great on deer.

I have been shooting a few of the 62g Barnes Varmageddon bullets that fragment and they shoot pretty well for varmints-yotes.
The .243 is a fun, accurate and user friendly round. It makes a great "learning" rifle that won't break the bank or make you and your wallet flinch every time you pull the trigger.

I have one in the Win70 HVB configuration and it is a pleasure to shoot. Mine shoots the V-Max weight's (65, 75, 87) that I have tried into .4", no matter what I do. I mean that's pretty good but I can't get that bullet to print any tighter.
The 90 and 95gn Ballistic Tip's run in the .2's and .3's. Not really alot of difference between .2 and .4", but it helps me.
My rifle shoots the 85gn great also. A suprising (to me!) bullet that turned out VERY accurate was the 85gn GameKing HPBT. This thing prints bug holes at 100yds and last time I tried it @ 500yds I printed a 2.366". This was with IMR3031 (37.5gn) & BR2's.

Great accuracy with VihtN560 (44.0gn), BR2's and the 95gn Ballistic Tip. This load prints in the .2's at 100yds and I gased whistle-pigs at 600yds in Virginia with this load. Very accurate and consistent.

None of these loads showed over-pressure signs in my rifle but yours may show a big difference. Be careful and enjoy. JohnnyK.
I have had tremendous success with RL-17 with Speer 85 gr BTSP's. Very very flat. My load out o a 24" barrel is 42.7 gr. it's a full gr under max and is very flat and shoots a .31" 4 shot group. I'm working up a load for 100 gr for larger hogs. Over 85 gr bullets in my gun seem to like slower powders than 4350 and RL17. Have some test loads set up under H4831 that should do the trick just waiting for a day less
Than 100 to test them out.
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