243 question


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Apr 24, 2009
Pocatello, ID
Would a 28 inch barrel on a 243 win be un productive? And what twist of barrel would be the best? I want it to really put the rounds through when I am not shooting my edge. Long range varmint hunting and paper punching would be my use!!
Any opinions welcome

I have a Savage 12 243 with a 26 in 9.25 twist barrel. I have only shot antelope with it so far but the 95 gr Berger's definitely do a number on them out to 600 yards. I have shot several groups at 200 yards that measured 3/4 inch with my factory Savage. If you get an 8 twist you can shoot up to the 105 gr berger's and use them for everything.

If I every shoot this barrel out I will probably go with a 28 in barrel with an 8 twist.

Hope this helps.
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