223wssm and243wssm

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Apr 20, 2003
what do you guys think about these cartirdges? I was in the gun shop today and took a look at the 223wssm with the ballistics on a 55gr at 3850 and read about the 243wssm 55gr at 4060. No guns made yet, at least we don't have any down here yet just the cartridges.
in my experience the short mags usually burn powder more efficiently than others. they seem to be more accurate too.
they look like compacted 6ppcs to me and we all know how they shoot. In my mind I to think that they would be some really awsome bugers. I think that I may be intrested in the 243 wssm. that thing is slinging a 90 gr. bullet at 3250 feet per second. Now to me that is pretty impressive. I think that they would make a real good starter gun for youngens after of course the red rider bb gun and then the pellet gun and then the 22LR and then to one of these awsome little dudes.
I am going on a p-dog shoot next week and we will be shooting the .223 WSSM, will let you guys know how it performs vs the .22-250's and standard .223's that I will also be using.
As a high volume varmint cartridge, they may prove to be too much of a good thing. Barrel life with cartridges like 22/250 and 220 swift is short enough without stuffing more powder down the bore. The extra vel still does not make up for low BC bullets. I doubt they will increase the range or wind bucking significantly. I guess Ian will give us more insight soon.

Where they are really interesting is the bases for LR cartridges in 6mm, and 6.5. Personally, I would look at an improved version of the 243WSSM for a 6.5 or 7mm 1km BR cartridge. The case capacity is perfect and the short fat case may lead to some accuracy benefits. Would make a close competitor with the 6.5-284. With a longer neck, the WSSM could have better throat life.

If left in the 243 state, I would definitely look at 105 to 115gr type bullets, slow twist and a min. 26" barrel. Now we can push these bullets to 3200fps without scary pressures. Wonder if the bullets will stay together? Any 6-284 shooters out there with info?

Good stuff..

Jerry I am kinda like you when it comes to the 6mm and 6.5 mm bullet out of this fat little case, seams to me that they would really be good for a long range target or even a varmint gun at that or for anything under a thousand yards. I think that I will try one of the 243 wssm in the near future. If I don'y like that I can always rebarrel it into a 6.5 custom. being it is winchester I wonder if this action would be good to build a custom off of? good question for somebody here to answer if they don't mind.
I like the idea of the 243 or 6.5 on that case with a faster twist bbl to use the heavies in. I think though, that the 6.5 WSM will still be better in the long run. We'll see...
I tend to agree with Brent, and most of the other posters. It also seems that the .270 WSM, and .300 WSM parent case make for a nice wildcat, I think that is the shortest case I would consider.

Most gunsmiths, at least from the posts I've been reading will use the WSM as the parent case to build from and use a long action magnum bolt face as the platform to build the custom rifle from. Short actions tend to win in the accuracy department. Unless you are shooting bench rest I don't think it should matter much.

I think the long actions are here to stay. The WSM's aren't the best for the heavy bullets either, so the long actions will win out in that department as well.

Frank D
Have you guys considered using the Remington SAUM as the parent case for the 6.5?

I have a 7mm SAUM that I might turn into a 6.5 SAUM when it need a new barrel ....


No reason why it won't work, it just seems that the WSM is the winner in the Short Action Mag game so far. Almost everyone is using the WSM for wildcats. They hold a little more powder than the Rem version, and are more popular.

Frank D

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Yes Brent let us know how the 6.5 wsm works. I would like to know how the ballistics are on it because I have 7mm mag sendero that has a few rounds through it and have thought about the 6.5 wsm for the next barrel. Does anybody here have any info on this round? What about it S1? what about the one you built for one of your friends How is he liking this round?

The WSM's aren't the best for the heavy bullets either, so the long actions will win out in that department as well.

I had been thinking that might be true, still would like to check the speed on the 220gr SMK in Dads 300 WSM, the 180's are running 3250 or better and keeping up with my Ultra. We'll see what the heavier ones do... might surprise me AGAIN!
His is on a SA with a long box with the ejection port opened way up. His 6.5 WSM is on a LA. The 6.5 WSM with 140's is a tad more accurate too.
It would be interesting to hear how you make out trying that. Let us know. I will be building a 6.5 WSM shortly using a LA 700 SS Action. I would like to try one with a Montana Action but, Well $$$$$$$$. Never seem to have enough.

Brent: If you have the digital camera in hand next time you are with your father and his 6.5 WSM could you snap a pic?


Frank D

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