22 creedmoor savage long range precision


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Oct 14, 2015
I am replacing the barrel on my savage long range precision. I am turning it into a 22 creedmoor. I am putting on a 1-8 twist barrel of the same length and contour.
I am looking for advice on loads and in general to help me get started.
I have a lot of 75 and 80 grain A-max's as well as a few hundred 88 grain eld
H4350 works great with speed and accuracy
H4831sc is slower but very consistent and accurate
Used both with 75, 80 and 88 grain Hornady ELD-M's
26" 7 twist X-caliber barrel
I've been looking at doing something similar. Everything I've been looking at looks to suggest more magnum type of powders over traditional Creedmoor type of powders. I'd look at the H1000, RL26, type of burn rates based on the research that I've done.
I haven't reloaded anything for it yet. I have been shooting factory tell I get enough brass.
I have shot 4 does with it.
I was planning on using RL26 since I have quite a bit of it
I think H1000 is probably the slowest powder I'd go with. LRT is way down there on burn rate, slower than Retumbo and RL33. From what I've read it seems to like similar powders to short magnums. A lot depends on what you can get your hands on too. I'm sure H4831SC would work great too, maybe N560 and N565 or even N555. Some stuff is really hard to find. I'd be willing to try MagPro in it too since it's pretty readily available.

I wish I had some RL26 to run in my 7mm WSM, it could really use the boost.
LRT is going to be on the compressed side by as much as 115% if possible to get at max pressure with 75gr. LRT usually likes the top weight per caliber for best use. If you try LRT you'll need 85-95gr bullets. I did a QL with LRT w/75gr a-max @ 2.600" and maxes out at 53.9gr (116.5%).
Good info here...
I use H1000 with heavies in mine. I'm sure RL26 would be faster than H1000. But I use a lot of RL26 in a few other cartridges and had a bunch of H1000 sitting there.