22-250 AI


Apr 7, 2003
Trinidad CO
I just got my rebarreled rifle back recently.A 22-250 AI.The only load data I've found is on the Sierra ballistics program.So far mostly fireforming but have found one good load with 4064 and 52gr berger.Is there anyplace out there with more data?This is a coyote rifle and will shoot 50 to 55gr most likely.Thanks


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Jul 8, 2003
Central PA
the nosler reloading manual has a listing for the 22-250 AI. you could probably just find 22-250 max loads and start there or 1 grain under and be safe.

try varget, h4350, VV-N550, N-140, reloader 15

4064, you will find is probably very temp sensitive.



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Apr 27, 2002
My favorites are 39gr. RL15 with 55gr V-max or Ballistic tip, out of a 26" barrel. That should be just under 3900fps. Or 40gr behind a 52gr A-max. Those are not max loads (at least 1.5gr under as I have not pushed them since groups started to open up.)

As far as load data goes, just add 4gr to the max load for standard 22-250 and work up from there.

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