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Aug 8, 2012
I called PSE today to check on my new tac replacement and I was told it ships monday,I can't wait to get it. So I asked about the NEW 2013 Tac 15 Elite, He said that the cams were upgraded which will help with preformance and you will gain a couple of feet faster. He also said that the cranking mechanizm will be internal which give PSE a chance to use larger bearings on the crank. Does anyone have any other info besides it shipping in Jan?

Andy Backus

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Dec 21, 2009
TAC Elite replaces the TAC 15i and therefore is the version with the integrated body.

TAC Ordnance replaces the TAC 15 and mounts to your AR lower.

No numbers will appear in the names.

Regarding the TAC Elite and Ordnance:

  • The overall performance and speed will be the same as the TAC 15/15i.
  • The limbs will be a bit beefier with the goal of reducing limb failures.
  • The cams will be a bit different with the goal of achieving the same speeds as the TAC 15/15i even though the limbs are beefier.
  • The cocking block, which contains the firing mechanism and is what you hook to your string loop prior to cocking, used to ride on a track but was not connected to the body of the bow - now it will be connected to the track rather than just floating.
  • The guts of the cocking mechanism are in a slightly different location which allows for larger bearings with the goal of having fewer failures of the bearings.
  • Will come with the same factory trigger and Whisker Biscuit rest.
  • Will use the same arrows.
  • Will come in the same sort of package with scope, bipod, soft case and 3 arrows.
  • Will be priced the same.

We are first on PSE's list to receive some Elite and Ordnance crossbows and their production manager just told us that we should expect to receive them in March.

We are currently taking pre-orders - CLICK HERE

If you have any questions about the TAC Elite/Ordnance crossbows, feel free to email me or give me a call.

[email protected]

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