2012 archery elk


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Aug 2, 2006
Filled my wyo general elk tag with this bull on 9/14/12. After 5 days of hunting Shot was 30 yds with hoyt alphamax and rage broadhead. I have been cursed with archery elk hunting Sence I started bow hunting 14 years ago. I have had shots every years but always miss. I finally broke the curse :)
Nice bull what unit did you kill him in? What do you think he scored?
Congrats on the Great Bull! Any elk with a bow is a trophy and a great experience to get up close and personal.

I watched a hunting partner miss a 6pt bull this yr with a 50cal, it was the first elk he had ever shot at and he said " I was shaking more than a dog shittin peach seeds!". LMAO

Elk fever! Got a Love it!
Great elk! I have never hunted them but have some points for Wy hopefully in a few years. What was your broadhead you used?
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