200 Grain Accubond Loads for .300 Win. Mag.


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Jun 17, 2009
Hey fella's, I am having a Long Range Hunting Rifle put together chambered in .300 Win. Mag. and am planning on using 200 grain accubonds. I was wondering if any of you had any good loads for this combination. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks

Oh and if you were wondering the Rifle that I'm putting together is:

Remington 700 action
28" Hart Hunter Benchrest Contour 1-10" twist
McMillian A-3 Stock w/adjustable cheekpiece
Jewell Trigger
Talley Rings/bases
Leupold VX-III LR 6.5-20X
DE Brake
Put Together by Truman Wilson
70.0 to 72.0 grs. of Re 22 with a Fed 215 primer in Win brass works like a charm. Good for 2950fps out of a 26" factory barrel with .5" to .75" at 100 yds.

Welcome to LRH and enjoy. I'm fairly new in reloading and here is what I have brewing so far of my SAKOM995 .300 WM 23 1/2" 1:11 twist.


100 yards
200 NAB
71.5gr H4831SC
Once fired Federal brass
COAL 3.62"

Good luck!

Hey, welcome to the forum!

I'm running Nosler brass, Fed 215 primers and 78gr's of RE25 in my Rem 700 SenederoII based custom rifle with 28" barrel.

My rifle is a tweaked Rem 700 SenderoII with PT&G S/S bottom metal, match barrel mated to a pinned Tubb recoil lug, Jewel trigger and original HS stock re-worked and bedded by myself. The action has been blueprinted and trued, and I have also fitted a PT&G spiral ground bolt and shroud.
My gun liked 74.5 gr H-1000 with Norma brass and fed 215's at 2860 ft/sec. Had it lots faster but the groups got worse. 26in barrel Savage BVSS.
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Rifle: Accuracy International .300 Win Mag

Load: Lapua Brass
Federal 215 M primer...sometime CCI Mag
68 Grains IMR 4350
Bullet: 200 grain Accubond

Load: Lapua Brass
Federal 215 M primer
69 Grains IMR 4350
Sierra 190 grain Match King

Both loads will shoot 3/10's on most 'good' days!!
I prefer Federal primers, however they seem to,
not always be available when I want them.
Sounds like a nice rifle, good luck.
Oh...Lapua .300 Win Mag brass is no longer in production...Oh well.
My 300 win will shoot 200 gr Accubonds into a very small hole with whatever powder I use, IF, I keep the speed around 2850. That being said I can shoot the 210 Berger VLDs faster and with less wind drift. I like H-1000 the best. Good Luck
Remington 700 5R 300 win mag 26" barrel IMR4831 67 grains same hole accuracy...
Now with that said Nosler bok says 2862 fps chrono'd get 2741fps. Other loads chrono'd fine.
Yes I rechecked the load pulled bullets and checked the powder charge.

Any thought why I'd see a 112fps difference?
I have found in my custom 300 wm 26" shilan barrel 1-10 twist rem 700 action 200 grain accubond. The best load i have is fed brass fed 215 match mag primers78 grains H1000 200 accubond seated .30 off for an average velocity of 3060 fps .75" group at 100 yards. Realy looking forward to getting my hands on some of the new 210 grain accubond long range should preform really well.
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