2 desert bulls


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Nov 16, 2010
Successful hunt with a longtime friend. He dropped a heavy 5x5 herd bull at 461 yards (.308 Win, 165gr Hornady Interlock, 44gr Varget). I took a 6x6 satellite bull at 320 yards (.308 Win, 178gr Hornady Amax, 44.5gr Varget).


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1/2 way through butchering. Then sausage and jerky. Hard work but worth it. Tenderloin for diner last night was excellent.
Where did you hit your bull with the A Max? Would you use the 178 A Max for elk again?

First shot at 320 yards quartering away. Bullet entered behind the shoulder and exited the neck. This was definitely a mortal shot and stopped him in his tracks. He probably would have expired within a few seconds but he was still standing. Second shot was through the high shoulder and penetrated the scapula with the bullet coming to rest just under the hide on the opposite side. This shot dropped him and he was done.
Also I did work up a load using the 180gr Hornady Interlocks that I planned to use on anything 200yds or less. I think if I did it again I would work up a long range load for the 208gr Amax.
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