SOLD/EXPIRED 2 308's for sale or trade


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Dec 12, 2007
Las Vegas
2 308's for sale or trade-SPF-sold

I have two 308's and only need one of them, so I am putting them both up for sale or trade, which ever goes first I will be keeping the other.

One is a savage 10fp accutrigger with an after market Bell and Carlson Medalist vertical grip tactical style stock, weaver mounts, burris signature Z rings with the inserts, a SS 10X42 30mm tactical scope with rear focus, and a Harris 9" non swivel bipod. This was my get into long range practice rig. The rifle will shoot 3/4" groups off of the bipod, I can get all bullets touching if I sort my reloads for runout but never got that serious. It has 223 bullets down the barrel at this point but I am still shooting this one till it sells. This is a complete package ready to go. Asking $850.00 or trade.

The second rifle is a Ruger Hawkeye all weather 308. I have a second set of leupold 30mm rings. I have had a professional trigger job done by my gunsmith and floated the barrel, haven't bedded the action yet. This rifle shoots 1 1/2" at a 100 yards and that is the average of all bullets shot including barrel break in and load developement. I have on average of 1 1/4" to 3/4" groups with the hand loads and feel it would be a moa shooter with a bedding job. This is actually the one I am hoping to keep, but if it goes first so be it. It has 250 rounds through it. I would like $450.00 for this one or trade.

I am looking for a standard hunting rifle in a caliber that can take elk at 600 yards, something bigger than the 308 that I have, I would prefer a stainless and a straight across trade deal, I will only except a few different actions, but let me know what you have, you never know.

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