1in11 twist rate in .300 what weight is best??


Aug 17, 2001
My Tikka mod. m695 mag master synthetic has
a 620mm barrel and a 1 in 11 twist and I was
wondering what bullet weight would me best
suited for this barrel ,most .300 win I have
seen are 1in10 and I think I have the theroy
but am not positive ,after all I am hear to
learn. My theroy is that a 1-11 is slower
than a 1-10 and it is best uitilizing light
100-165g bulets and that a faster spin(twist)
would be neaded to stableize heaver 180-220g]
projectiles becaus of there longer ogive.......... but...I am only 27 and self
taught shooter and reloader and I can't know everything............yet
An 11" twist with the 300 Win velocities you'll be fine with any hunting length bullets. Just guessing I would say the 240gr Sierra MK would be your only problem. I've used a 12" twist in a 308 Baer rifle up to 200gr Sierra MKs without any problems and could get 220gr Sierra's to shoot if you stood on the cases..... for about 2 loadings. sshhhhh!

I beleive your using this rifle mainly for hunting purposes and will use hunting bullets which are generally shorter in length which shouldn't give you aany problems with an 11" twist. Without doing any calculations I would say even if you use match bullets you should be very safe with 200gr or less. This is a general statement and there's many variables involved so don't take this as written in stone. Generally shooters refer to the bullet weight as the controlling factor to be stabilized, when actually it's only part of the equation. Bullet length/diameter/weight/shape etc all come into play. But generally the heavier the bullet the longer it is with all else being equal is the reason for refering to the bullet weight. The longer a bullet the tighter the twist needed to stabilize again all other factors staying equal.

There's others here that can run exact numbers for you if you have specific bullets in mind that you would want to try. but I would say don't think twice about it and shoot!

Good Luck!
Thanks Steve the three best bullet performers were 180 grain Nosler balistic tip and also the 165 balistic tip. The other bullet that surprised me with even better grouping was the Sierra Game King in the 165 grain category. All three bullets are boat tails spitzer pointed.

The bullet in question was the Sierra MatchKing HPBT in 200 grain. Can you recommend any other good bullets and weights for large deer, black bear? All shots will be between 75-600 yards, the 600 yards being very long and average would be around 400. I want a bullet that is extremely accurate but still is well suited for game ie. expansion and also penetration when required. Thanks very much for the advice,

You can hunt the animals and ranges with the all of the bullets you've already mentioned including the 200gr Sierra GameKing. I've always had good luck with R22 powder with 180-200gr weight bullets in the 300 Win Mag. Me personally I always used the 180gr Balistic Tips in my 300 and even went as far firing that load and bullet in 1000yd competition with very good results. The only time I changed was for an elk trip in '99 when I seated 180gr Partitions on top of the same load and adjusted the seating depth to where the Partitions shot the best and went hunting.

To keep things simple....I select the bullet I want to shoot for the game/distance I'm going after and buy them. Then I adjust the powder/primer/charge weights/seating depth to make that bullet shoot. I think I can safely say I've always been able to take a hunting bullet in factory rifles and shoot under 1 MOA using this method. Saves rounds through your barrel and is quicker for your load developement and one less variable to eliminate in the equation.

To help you select a powder.... in competition anyone using the 300 Win either uses H4831 or R22 with very few if any exceptions with 180-210gr match bullets.

Hope this helps some. I'm not try to impose my opinions on you with the above statements, but trying to give some guidence to save you some time and grief after your recent episode with your Remington. Sure wish I lived close enough to you to get my hands on that Remington to see what's wrong.

Shoot Safe!
Thank you Steve

I am going to give Reloader22 a try.I have come to the conclusion that I am going to
stick with two bullets and thay are 180gr nosler balistic tip and 165gr sierra game
king's as my gun seems to like them. My choice not to include nosler partitions and
also other premium bullets like barns X,fail
safe, combined technology,and so on is rather
simple. I shoot what I can aforde alot of as
to become proficient with them under many,and hopefully all of the diferent surcumstances that I may experence in the field. I think I may try the 180gr sierra boat tail game king's as I think 180 is a
better choice for long range and would offer
a higher B.C,mihgt help anchor game better
I am not shure ??? what do you think?

Thank you again
I would shoot the heavier bullet if both shot the same as far as accuracy out of that rifle if your going for the longer ranges. The 180gr compared to the 165gr is a toss up for say 0 -> 350yds, but then the higher BC and better energy of the 180gr bullet starts kicking with more downrange punch.

steve I agre totaly
actualy thay do shoot the same and not only
that thay have almost the same point of impact???,I am not unhappy about that at all.
I see that your from NC. North Caralina? hope spelling is ok, any ways do you varmint hunt and If so do you ever get the chance to head north? how about waterfowl,geese to be
percise lots of them here if your interested?
talk at ya latter.
I do varmint hunt but not as much as I used to. Not many woodchhucks digging holes in the sandy soil of eastern NC. Yes I'm in North Carolina. I'm originally from NE PA and will be going back there for deer season in Nov. Hopefully a LR whitetail is in order. But venison is venison to me so if I can put some on the table with my '06 at 100yds so be it. But my 6.5-300 Win Mag and my 338 with all the gear will be setup for possible 1700yd shots. And a slim chance of around 2000 in one area. Most of the good shooting will be in the 700-1300yd range though. So my 6.5 will be the primary gun.

As for geese, I've never been goose hunting. Just never had the opportunity. But a small twist of the arm, I'm sure my 870 could be talked into it!
But with the 1000yd match season going from Feb until Nov and trying to raise some young'uns like yourself I can't indulge in all activities right now. Besides I'll need some new things to do for when I retire.... someday a long ways off. But I'll keep your offer in mind. That's mighty kind of ya.

BTW: nice shooting on those pigeons! That's the way to open thier eyes!

Well gotta get ready for the big shooting match this weekend. I'll be off-line until Monday afternoon. Keep them pigeons on thier toes. Or better yet knock'um off thier toes. hehehe

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