165gr M14 hunting load


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Jul 1, 2007
Wanting to take my M14 deer hunting plan on using a 165gr bullet.
could use some of your load information and bullet choices that may work
lead tips seem to deform easy, have some 165gr accubond bullet
but can get most any bullet and powder.......
Buy a box of federal GMM pull 168 gr SMK, insert 165 gr accubond. Rezero, go hunt, make delicious meal with the proceeds of your harvest.
I used Nosler 165 Ballistic Tips with an appropriate amount of Varget or Accurate 2520. The plastic tips still deformed a little when being fed from the magazine, but groups were good.

It's been a few years since I've had my M14 out hunting, but I took more deer with the above than all my other rifles combined.
168gr and 165gr IMR-4895 it's been working great for me for a lot of years.

M1A1 Sniper Rifle  _2_ - Copy.JPG
M1A1 Sniper Rifle  _3_ - Copy.JPG
Those were older photos, here's what it looks like now, with a better cheek piece, I might add it's a deadly accurate rig with my 168gr Mk load, out to 1k. Cheers


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