150gr. Scirocco Swifts


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Dec 28, 2001
Richmond, Virginia
My Rem. PSS in 300 RUM is shooting about 2moa with 180gr. Scirocco Swifts & less than 3/4moa with the 150gr. Scirocco Swifts. What would be the largest game I should hunt with the 150gr. bullet since it'll be a while before I start reloading.
Hot ****! That's what I wanted to hear. It seems like the more I shoot it the better it shoots with the 150s. Now I need to get to the store for more of the same lot number. Thanx. Boyd for the info.
My buddy recently shot some big mulie does with that bullet and they dropped like stones. One deer was hit in the chest and made a wild leap forward. Both of its front legs folded up under the chest and belly while it was airborne and it went down hard on its brisket - never kicked.

Mind you, he was shooting the mighty .308 Winchester cranked up with 45.5 grains of Varget - which some very unbiased individuals consider to be a much more powerful killer than the factory loaded.300 Ultramag
Thanx again for the info fellas. I know I'm going to need that loading info 'cause I like shooting it so much I run through ammo like crazy so I'll be looking forward to that in the future. Ian, I'm also glad to here about that hi powered 308's
performance since my son will be using my 308 Sendero or should I say VSSf to hunt this year. I'll try & find out which weight it likes. Thanx again for your help. Ceejack2
CEEJACK, Keep an eye out for Ian's tests on the Interbond and Accubond bullets, too. they're less expensive and will retain at least if not more weight as the the Scirocco, the test I read in Oct. issue of Shooting Times where they tested 'ALL' 30cal. 180gr bullets, the Scirocco retained like only 2% more then a SST, and the bonded bullets I mentioned above will retain more yet if going after Elk and such if weight retentions is a concern. Something to keep in mind.
I believe that the manufacturers will be tweeking the bonded bullet performance for the next while. One important performance factor is how quickly the bullet begins to open up and how soon it gets to full "mushroom". In my past shooting we have seen bullets start the wound cavity after only three inches of penetration, others drilled in 9-10 inches before the wound cavity really started (this is in identical medium). I assume the initiation of the wound cavity is when mushrooming really starts to happen - admit that I am not a ballistician or engineer. No doubt some guys here have real knowledge on what is happening.
I am going to shoot all the bullets into a uniform medium and recover the bullets to compare how they did. Will do this at 200 yards, then will do it out longer. Hope to do it at two muzzle velocity levels, 2600-2700 fps and 3100-3200 fps. Will measure muzzle and impact velocities simultaneously using two Oehler 35P's.
The manufacturers are adding bullets at a fairly steady rate, makes for more work. One deadline is May 15. Going to do some bullet testing in Texas on wild hogs also before that date.
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