130 ttsx over ar comp in 308

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    Mar 28, 2014
    So i just started reoading this year and was wondering if anyone has tried a 130gr ttsx in a 308win with ar comp powder. what i have is:

    ruger gsr 308win with 16" bbl 1:10 twist and trijicon accupoint 3-9x40 scope
    lee single stage press
    lee dies
    lee safety scale (i weigh ALL my charges)
    lyman case trimmer
    once fired lake city brass fl sized and trimmed with swaged primer pockets
    winchester large rifle primers

    if nobody has tried this combination would it be safe to reference varget data and reduce the charge to take account for the thicker lc brass and the ar comp powder? from what i understand ar comp has a burn rate between rl15 and varget. if this is possible could someone recommend a starting load? below ill list some data from barnes, alliant, and hodgdon if it helps...


    Take Aim at Rifle Reloading Data | Hodgdon Reloading


    speer 130gr hp
    47.6gr ar comp
    50.0gr varget (compressed)

    sierra 155gr hpbt
    43.2gr ar comp
    47.0gr varget (compressed)

    150gr nosler etip
    ?????? ar comp
    46.5gr varget (compressed)

    150gr hornady gmx
    44.5gr ar comp
    ?????? varget

    130gr barnes ttsx
    ?????? ar comp
    52.0gr varget (compressed)

    these are the MAX loads using federal 210 or 210m primers and federal or winchester brass. i threw in the known data for the etip and gmx bullets simply because its a non lead bullet if the same weight. (not sure if that helps or not tho bc they are both non banded where the ttsx is banded) so yeah anybody have any suggestions? (sorry for the long first post. just wanted to be thorough)

    Oh and the reason i dont simply use varget powder and run with known data is to me varget is kinda like a unicorn. ive heard all about it but never seen it in real life. ar comp was the only powder locally available that i could get a decent supply of and so far ive gotten pretty good results from it. (.65 group at a hundred yards with a speer 165gr btsp bullet.)