13 reticule ranges with 3 power settings.


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Aug 5, 2008
I've been shooting Leupold varmint hunter reticules for many years. You adjust them to your rifle by shooting your 200 yard reticule at 500 yards, the adjusting the power setting until your 500 yard reticule intersects with the actual bullet impact point. Mark your scope and you are good to go at 200/300/400/500 with vary little actual difference between the 300 and 400 yard reticule vs actual impact point. It works VERY WELL, i've done it for years.

However, I’ve been experimenting and decided that using the large and small diamond, plus a half way mark give me 13 dead on aim points. Doesn’t make much difference with a flat shooting rifle till you get to 400 and beyond, but then it really makes a difference.

Simply adjusting the power setting to one of 3 possible, easy to see settings gives me 13 dead on reticules.
I find that a lot more appealing than adjusting the power to get exactly 3 4 and 5 hundred yards at a single setting.
Here is the chart I taped to my flip up scope cover on my 270 (so it's facing me as I am looking down the barrel).

270 200 Zero
# Large Small
1 200 200
2 290 300 310
3 390 410 430
4 490 520 550
5 570 595 620

Pretty cool and is DEAD ON Accurate. It’s easy to use if you know your Actual MV and BC for your bullet. Any of the online ballistic calculators will give you the drop in MOA and you simply match them up to the MOA on the indivicual reticules. For the Leupold Varmint hunter they are:
Varmint reticule
large small Diff
1.81 2.26 = .45
4.13 5.16 = 1.03
7.02 8.78 = 1.76
9.35 11.11 = 2.09

Beyond 620 I use a custom dial from leupold that goes to 1000 yards. It’s dead on to 800, the furthest I’ve ever shot.
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