1100, 850, and 785 yard Antelope kills (((Video)))


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Jun 11, 2010
So since I did not draw out on any hunts this year, I decided I still wanted to kill something, and do it at long range. I had killed elk at 1050, and 900 yards before. I saw that George Gardner had killed his Antelope at 1368, so that was my goal. So I looked on KSL classifieds to see what hunts were available. Found someone in Randolph UT had a few doe antelope tags for sale. So me my dad and brothers bought a few of them. The tags go until the end of the year, which is nice. We had been having some really nice weather here, so my brother and a buddy, that had never big game hunted before, decided we would run out to Randolph and see how things looked. It took us about 45min to find the Antelope and came up with a game plan. I had my brother get set up for the first shot. Ranged it right at 785 yards. Now if we could get them to hold still. I got the camera rolling and had my buddy keep on eye on them with the spotting scope. My brother made a perfect shot with his 243ai shooting the Berger 105 Hybrids going 3230fps. A half inch or so to the right would of taken out its shoulder. It did leave a 2 inch hole out the other side.

So while my brother was cutting up the meat, I watched the herd run off to about 1000 yards and go over a ridge. I had set my gun up on them right there, but it was not far enough. About 15 min later the herd started headed back for the field we were in. They did not realize we where there. So I walked 200 yards over the ridge to scare them back out into the sage brush. This time they ran up the valley and did not drop over the ridge. They were walking right into a great position for a shot. I ranged them at 900 950 1000 1100 yards, and thought too much further and they will go over another ridge. George's record will have to stand for now. I will take them there. My brother had to get the blood off his hand and get the camera rolling since he was still cutting off the meat. I waited for the first doe to stop. Said I will take that one, and let one fly. Right before I shot, I saw her turn her head behind her body. Thought sweet! Take it now and I may get a pass through and hit her in the head as well. That would be cool. I dropped her with the high should shot. I am shooting a 7saum with 35* shoulder shooting the 168vld's going 3130fps, and a Thunderbeast 30P-1 suppressor. My buddy then says this hunting thing is pretty easy. haha.

Now as we are headed for home when the same herd we had shot two out of is standing out there about 850 yards. Teasing us. I could not resist. I tried to back up to get a further shot, but that was the best we could do with the Mt behind us. That's why our truck is in the video on the last shot. Trying to get as far away for the herd as possible. Same thing as before. Trying to get them form walking all around and hold still. Finally! I went for the behind the shoulder shot. It did blow another big hole in the thing. Its heart and lungs where hanging out of its body. I don't know how they can run like that. Needless to say we had a blast. We still have tags to go back and take my dad and the rest of the gang. Enjoy

7saum 168 vld

243ai Berger hybrid 105

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My first thought was: "thats a lot of blood for such a small critter"... Can't explain why, but none of the deer I have shot have bled profusely externally. Mostly they were full of blood inside, same with the coyotes I shot. I suppose if the heart takes a direct hit, it is not going to be pumping blood anywhere. I also had a head shot and a neck shot, but each of those took out the brain/spine.

Good shooting. Those antelope were hardly standing still and posing...
Wow, nice work. I would love to chase speed goats with my 6.5. In Ideeho we have to draw. I used to bow hunt for them but now spend my time chasing elk in September instead.
Nice Pictures... and Great shooting! I live in northeast Kansas and it makes me wish I was in western Kansas for a while!!
This long range shooting makes me dizzy! I can remember, about 25 years ago I shot one of those smelly goats. It was on a flat mesa and my hunting partner counted the paces as we walked to it. 503 paces. I was the talk of the town for a couple of days! 1100 yards, I can only imagine. Good shooting fellas!
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