10 Day Elephant Hunt

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    10 day Elephant hunt
    All inclusive 1x1 - $16000

    This hunt is for a Bull elephant in our Mozambique camp and is all inclusive (daily rates and trophy fees).

    SPECIAL NOTE: The Elephant trophies taken in Mozambique are not importable into the USA (they are importable to Canada or Mexico if you are a lucky Canadian or Mexican citizen).

    While this hunt isnt for everyone, it is a good opportunity to experience a trophy elephant hunt at a very very good price. Other game available during the hunt at current prices (Cape Buffalo, Lion, Plains game, etc)

    Pick up and drop off in Polokwane, South Africa. Camp is about 5 hours by car from the airport.

    This hunt includes:
    Daily rate and trophy fees for 1 bull elephant
    PH and staff
    Lodging and accommodations in a tented camp
    All meals and drinks while in camp
    hunting license and rifle permits
    pick up and drop off in Polokwane

    This hunt does not include:
    Accommodations before or after the safari
    return freight of trophies

    Please contact JD for this opportunity or if you would like to discuss any African hunt!


    Contact form: Contact JD African Safaris for more information about your next adventure!
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    Sep 3, 2007
    For those that are interested in an Elephant that is importable into the USA we still have quota in our Zimbabwean concessions- please pm JD!