1. Bjt308

    Weatherby Mark V 6.5 creedmoor 22” Rock Creek Barrel

    Weatherby Mark V 6.5 creedmoor 22" Rock Creek Barrel 1-8 twist #4 contour and threaded 5/8-24 put on by patriot valley arms. Barreled action cerakoted black. Rifle shoots very good and has approx 350 rounds through it. Comes with Leupold picatinny rail. Seekins picatinny rail on forearm...

    Weatherby Brass

    Once Fired Weatherby 7mm Weatherby Magnum Brass - 62 pieces $60.00 Shipped CONUS

    Weatherby Dies

    7mm Weatherby RCBS Dies great condition - $40 shipped

    RCBS 7mm Weatherby Die Set

    7mm Weatherby RCBS Dies great condition - $45 shipped

    7mm Weatherby RCBS Die Set

    7mm Weatherby RCBS Die Set in great condition. $50 shipped in CONUS
  6. B

    SOLD/EXPIRED 79 Weatherby brass cases for 300 WBY mag (70 new)

    For sale is 79 Weatherby brass cases for 300 WBY mag. 70 cases are virgin with 60 in the original box. The remaining 9 are deprimed and tumbled clean. Original boxes as seen in the picture are included. $130 shipped or $120 if you can pick up from me in Maricopa AZ. Paypal, Z E L L E, money...

    7mm Weatherby RCBS Dies

    7mm Weatherby RCBS Dies great condition - $65 shipped

    Custom Weatherby Vanguard Hush Edition 6.5 Creed

    $1300 OBO Used Custom Weatherby Vanguard Hush Edition 6.5 Creedmoor 24" Fluted Barrel bedded by Phoenix Custom Rifle 2.5lb Timney Trigger Leupold VX-3HD 4.5-14X40mm Mounted on Talley Rings Boyds Classic Hunter Stock in coyote (14.25" Length of pull) Factory break included Only 100 shots through...

    Weatherby Accumark 7mm Weatherby Magnum - Excellent Condition with bases, rings, dies, brass, and bullets

    Used, but never hunted with less than 200 shots, a true safe queen! Comes with Leupold bases and 30mm high Leupold rings * RCBS reloading dies #13701 * Brass - 6 wby & 23 Federal Premium * 1 – Lock-N-Load Modified Case 7mm wby * 13 – Weatherby 160gr Accubond cartridges * 17 - Federal Premium...
  10. Bjt308

    Semi custom weatherby mark v 6.5 creedmoor

    Weatherby Mark V 6.5 creedmoor. Barrel was put on by PVA and is a rock creek #4 contour at 22 inches. Muzzle is threaded 5/8-24. Scope and rings are not included. Action and barrel have been cerakoted midnight black. Seekins precision rail installed on stock. Trigger is approximately 2...

    W T B - 30-378 - Weatherby Brass once fired .

    Want to buy 30-378 weatherby Brass , Once Fired . Or new if the price is Reasonable to me.
  12. B

    Weatherby Vanguard 6.5 Creedmoor with Vortex Scope and Ammo

    Weatherby Vanguard Sporter 6.5 Creedmoor, Raised Comb, Walnut Stock, Rosewood Forend Cap - Beautiful Gun. 24" Barrel. Vortex Diamondback Tactical 6-24x50 mRad Scope with EBR-2C Illuminated Reticle, Vortex Level, Vortex Rings. 12 Boxes of Ammo in different grains. Willing to separate scope...
  13. 1

    Short barreled 257 Wby

    I’m looking to rebarrel my .257 Weatherby and was wondering if there’s a good reason, other than loss of velocity, why a 22” barrel would be a bad idea. I figure that the gun has velocity to spare, and it’s just going to be a hunting rig so compact size would be more beneficial. Additionally...
  14. Recoil Junkie

    Accuracy International Pattern 300 WM Mags 3.715 Length

    The 2 mags are both 300WM 3.715 length. The MDT is brand new and the AI mag is slightly used, the AI mag has been shortened in the front to help it feed 375 Ruger ammo, the follower will not slip out of the mag it and feeds perfectly for 300WM and the like. MDT 5 round mag - $60 shipped AI 5...
  15. 9

    cutting edge bullets caliber choice

    Anybody use a 300 win mag with the 220/230gr cutting edge bullets. Should i look at using something with a little more capacity like the 300 wby or the 300 rum. Has the shorter neck length on the win mag caused any problems when reloading these long bullets. I origanally wanted the rum but it...
  16. STK-300

    Weatherby Vanguard Wilderness -257 Weatherby Magnum fluted 26in barrel

    **SPF** Weatherby Vanguard Wilderness -257 Weatherby Magnum fluted 26in barrel- as new condition Shoots sub moa (1/2 inch groups @100 (3 rounds touching); zero moa pictanney rail mount; Box and papers (purchased in 2020) scope, rings and bipod not included. $750 shipped to your ffl
  17. section8mainiac

    SOLD/EXPIRED Weatherby Mark V Accumark 257 WBY with Zeiss 3-15 HD5

    Weatherby Mark V Accumark 257 WBY with Zeiss 3-15x50 HD5 with RZ-800 reticle. Both are in very good condition. Talley lightweight 1” rings Zeroed at 200. Ready to hunt. Sub MOA all day. Total package includes below $1800 Rifle $1200 Scope $650 RCBS 257 WBY dies $35 Buy complete package I...
  18. CMDR Kibo

    SOLD/EXPIRED Weatherby (Norma) 30-378 Brass

    I gifted my nephew my .30-378 rifle several years ago and he’s having a blast with it. Despite my best efforts, he is not interested in reloading so I have decided to sell the brass. 115 pcs of WBY (Norma) Brass 1 and 2x fired. $145 plus $15 for USPS priority mail medium box. Most of this...
  19. A

    Weatherby 220 Rocket 1954 Help

    I recently purchased a Weatherby Pre Mark V 220 Rocket locally and I cannot find much information about the gun online or another like it for sale. Does anyone have any knowledge on these rifles?
  20. F

    300 Weatherby brass, bullets, and die set

    Rcbs 2 piece die set 20 unfired weatherby head stamp brass 56 fired weatherby head stamp brass (needs to be tumbled but in good shape) 50 ct unopened nosler partitions 180 gr .308 asking 220