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    Custom 7mm Remington Magnum - Weatherby Mark V Build

    Custom 7mm Remington Magnum - True 1000 yard gun! Well over $5000 invested Blueprinted Weatherby Mark V Stainless Action Custom Trigger Job set to 2 lbs Fluted SS Krieger Barrel McMillan A5 Stock Molded In Coffee Camo, 1' decelarator Pad, with pillars and custom bedding/fitting Flush Cups/Sling...
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    Weatherby Vanguard 7mm

    Weatherby Vanguard 7mm Rem Mag. Unfired New in box with papers and trigger lock. $475.00 I bought my Friends estate of guns, Just selling what I have no use for. possible trades
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Weatherby Mark V

    I have for sale a Weatherby Mark V chambered in 7mm Weatherby Mag. I have only shot the gun twice as in two rounds everything functions as it should has a Bushnell 3-9x40 scope on it, I have 3 boxes of factory ammo minus 2 rounds. and also have about 100 pieces of Norma brass for it. I will get...
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    Weatherby MKV 7mm Weatherby Mag

    Are you looking for that special Christmas Present for someone? This is it. A Weatherby MKV 7mm weatherby magnum. Right Hand Bolt. It has the wood stock, 26 inch bbl is blue, and comes with leupold rings. The gun is in between 90 to 95% not because of the round count but it does have a small...
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    Vanguard 2 .300 win mag load development

    I'm trying to develop a load and am having some trouble with the 178g hornady eld-x grouping. I've shot the whole powder range (77-81 grains) with H-1000 and can't get better than an 1 1/4" group at 100 yards. I was hoping that someone on here had an idea of what the problem could be or has had...

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