1. A

    Hodgdon powders, price increase

    I just ordered some powder and was told they had yet another price increase as of the Jan 1st and will be increasing prices again mid year. The reason for my post, The retailers (if you can find it) havent caught up to the price hikes, yet. So, my suggestion would be to buy it now if you can and...
  2. T

    SOLD/EXPIRED Powder for sale/trade central PA

    I have some powder to dump off or trade. Clays I have 3-1# cans ($20ea,$50all) H4350 I have 2-8# and a handful of 1# ($300-8#, $45-1#) Varget I have 6-1# cans ($45ea) I’m looking for: Fed GM210M primers H1000 Located near State College PA.
  3. J

    A decent amount of powder h1000/varget too

    Salida Gunshop in Colorado (they ship) has powders available, to include h1000 and varget
  4. charliehorse27

    SOLD/EXPIRED 8# Varget - Spokane/CDA area

    For sale is an unopened 8# jug of Varget. Ordered more than I needed to spread out the ridiculous hazmat and shipping costs. In the Spokane, WA/CDA, ID area and cannot ship. $375
  5. Justice1327

    SOLD/EXPIRED Varget at Midsouth
  6. Morndorff95

    Colorado Spings Area Powder

    Just looking to see if anyone has some extra IMR 4064, IMR/H 4895, or varget they wouldn't mind selling. Located in Colorado Springs, CO.
  7. Glen McHenry

    Trade New 8lb jug of Varget for RL16

    Brand new unopened 8 pound jug of Varget. Looking to trade for RL 16. Located Honeyville Utah. A buddy of mine picked it up for me I just haven’t made it out there to get it. Sold the gun I had originally had him get it for. Text or call 530-340-2244. Glen. I’ll set it up with my Buddy for...
  8. LVJ76

    CFE123 or Varget, which one is more accurate for the 7mm-08?

    So I have been thinking about trying out CFE223 on one of my 7mm-08's. I want to push the light 120gr, 139gr and 140gr bullets a little faster. From what I've researched it gives about 50 to 80 more fps than Varget with the mentioned bullets. On this rifle I haven't tried Varget yet, and I am...
  9. SilverbulletMAG

    FOR TRADE: H4350 for Varget

    My Varget stock is running low. Anyone interested in a 1 for 1 trade, H4350 for Varget? (or Retumbo) 😏 I have 4 sealed 1lb cans or a sealed 8lb jug for trade. Not selling, only interested in a trade. Zip 80906.
  10. D

    Quick 7mm-08, 150gn, Varget question

    Anybody out there flopping more than 42.0 grains Varget for a 150gn bullet of any sort? If so, what rifle and what approx. velocity are you getting? Thanks
  11. Canhunter35

    308 win/ good moose bullet

    I'm helping a buddy make a load suitable for moose and mule deer for his 308 mil-spec. 11.25 twist. I recommended the 178 eldx, wants to practice pushing his range farther after hunting season. Is there any other bullets he should be looking at. For those who use the 178 eldx is varget the best...