1. Rent Outdoor Gear

    Pulsar Thermal Scopes

    Pulsar Thermion XG-50 Thermal Rifle Scope, 3-24 x 50 with thermal detection range over one mile! Scope is unbelievable. We've got two of them! XG-50 @ SPECIAL PRICE $4,899 - email [email protected]
  2. Jeremy338


    Pulsar Apex xd50a Sweet optic just don’t use it. Looking for a lightweight hunting rig for my boy. Everything is here box , paperwork, cables, remote , case excellent condition. 2500$ Trades would be lightweight hunting rifle . 6lb range. Or rifle scope Everyone knows what these run for...
  3. Bman940

    So much fun- ATN ThOR 4

    Ok, as many of you know I have done freelance work with Nikon for almost 10 years now, this is not related to that in any way shape or form! This is all about having a great time trying to reduce the feral swine population. Broke out the new ThOR 4 384 4.5-18 this past weekend and my 19-year-old...
  4. Colt77845

    WTT for thermal

    I have a vortex razor hd 20-60x straight spotter with the additional wide angle 30x ranging lens with the mil dot reticle. Also included is tripod with manfroto pistol grip ball head and soft case. Spotter is new in box only taken out and fondled inside. Looking for a handheld monocular...