1. Alex Genereux

    SOLD/EXPIRED Sunwayfoto T3240CS Tripod

    Selling a like new barely used Sunwayfoto Tripod with everything it comes with new(bag, owners manual, spike feet). This tripod is great for shooting off of and gets to standing height for most people. The head works with arca and pic rail. See specs below. $375 OBO TYD PayPal
  2. Alex Genereux


    Selling like new pact club timer III I have original instructions with it as well. Only selling because I upgraded to the kestrel timer. This is excellent for timing yourself for pistol training or prs/nrl hunter stages. $110 TYD OBO
  3. Alex Genereux

    SOLD/EXPIRED Labradar

    For sale Labradar that is in brand new condition never used outside with travel case, MK Machining sight, tripod, battery pack, and all instructions. $725 TYD you cover paypal fees. I can usually ship out same or next day. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  4. E


    Recently moved and I am not going to have time to get any reloading done before the season comes. What is the best box ammo to buy that’s shows the most accuracy at long range distance for a 33-378
  5. J

    Huskemaw shooting tripod

    Used but in very good condition. Very handy and fits a unique niche. Great for carry in your pack. I do not have the V bracket for it just the leather front rest. $100 shipped Call text or email 801-710-5653
  6. Ga6570

    Ammo boxes for sale

    I have a small collection of new and like new ammo boxes for factory ammunition or hand loads, reloads. Most are from MTM and are Case Gard RMLD-50 I have two. One is blue and one is black green. Real hinges Fits all WSM, 7RM, 300WM, SAUM and many others. $6 each RM-50 I have two. Real hinges...
  7. A

    Hunting and Shooting Shows

    Hello gents. With having to spend so much time at home with all the Corona craziness. What’s everyone’s favorite hunting/shooting shows? Or even youtube channels? I’ve watched all the Long Range Pursuit, Fresh Tracks, and Meateater that there is. Usually don’t watch much tv but now I’m running...
  8. Jeremy338

    Daniel Defense 300$

    Daniel Defense ddm4 15” rifle length forend. These run about 400$. Looking for trades or cash. Rem 700 trigger LA bdl bottom metal 28 nosler brass 30 mm low scope rings ( pic rail only) Cash is king 300$ shipped
  9. Snyder97

    Hunting without trajectory validation up to 600 meters possible?

    First of all: Why does someone even ask something like that? In many European countries, there is no possibility to train long range shooting very often. Most shooting ranges have 100m and 150m targets. Of course, there are some shooting ranges with targets up to 1000 Meters, but they are...
  10. freebird63

    F/S CED Chrono

    Only used 1 time. This is the 2nd one I have owned, they are great units. Reason I'm selling is moving up to a Labradar. $150.00 + shipping txt Chuck at 208-five five nine-3595
  11. J

    Any Experience w/Athlon Ares 65mm Spotter?

    Hey all, looking at an Athlon Ares or Vortex Razor. I know the big 3 are the way to go but they are out of my price range right now. Main purpose will be spotting shots out to 1000yds and spotting deer and elk. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. C

    VOTE-What scope power range?

    Just wondering what everyone's favorite power range is for hunting and long range shooting out to 600-800 yards. Chose between 3-18/ 4-24/ 5-30. We will assume all objectives between 50mm and 56mm Just curious what everyone is using. Thank you!
  13. C

    Tubbs lapping bullets?

    Has anyone used these? If so how was the results? Was it worth the time and money? Noticeable results, gains in accuracy or velocity? Thank you Colby
  14. TheRidgeRunner

    Remington Sendero. Is it worth it?

    So I have been looking around for a good long range hunting rifle for (500yards-1000yards) and I came across a Remington 700 Sendero in 338 RUM from a family friend. Anyone have any insight or personal experience on this rifle? Do they shoot under or close to 1 moa? Any feedback is helpful thanks.
  15. H

    Hawk Hill Match Video

    Hey guys here is a short you tube video of our first match with the new AR-15 rifles and barrels. We will try and do a longer version in the near future. The new brakes worked awesome, was able to neutralize the two shot targets using double taps with ease. Targets never left the sight picture...