1. D

    Sako 85 Finnlight 270 WSM

    Sako 85 Finnlight 270WSM with optilock bases and 1" rings. Gun is in excellent condition and comes with the box and docs. I will also include 3 boxes of Federal Fusion 150 gr. ammo. $1350 Shipped and insured to your FFL. Listed on other sites.
  2. M

    Tikka 595 Master Sporter

    This was purchased new, sighted in with 16 rounds, then packed in a safe until now. Tikka 595 Master Sporter in 22-250 1:14 twist 600mm barrel. All original. Metal condition is 99% with one pinhead size stain on the receiver. No rust, no bluing loss. Bore is clean and bright. Stock is 90%...
  3. D

    Sako L61R Finnbear

    Good condition Sako L61R Finnbear in 270 Win. This is an early Sako with the three lug bolt. Includes factory iron sights and your choice of Optilock bases and 1" rings or Leupold 30mm Sako rings. $800 shipped and insured to your FFL. I will consider trades for other firearms or optics. Listed...
  4. D

    Sako AII 308

    Sako A II 308 in very good to excellent condition. Optilock bases and rings with a Leupold vari-x III 3.5-10X50 scope with heavy duplex reticle. $1300 plus shipping and insurance to your FFL.
  5. M

    Sako 85 Classic Deluxe 30-06

    Sako 85 Classic Deluxe 30-06 for sale Hey y’all. I’m starting a small business and need some $ for equipment. I’m looking to sell my Sako, I haven’t even fired it or mounted a scope. Once things start rolling I’ll be picking up another one for sure, beautiful gun. Nice walnut with the rosewood...
  6. D

    Sako Vixen L461 222 Remington

    Sako Vixen L461 in very good condition. Does have a few light handling marks on the stock. I'm not sure of the round count, but looking at the bolt face, it doesn't appear to be very many. $1400 shipped and insured to your FFL from a non FFL.
  7. S


  8. A

    Need some opinions on a mountain rifle.

    i have my first Dall sheep hunt in 2019 August and torn between what to do when it comes to the gun I’m bringing, the ones I have are currently to heavy. But I was looking at the local gun shop and they have Sako 85 finnlights and a7’s, browning x bolts, but to me they seem still a little heavy...
  9. Holycity73

    Sako A7 .270, 25-06

    Title says it all. Purchased spring 2018. Never hunted. 270 has 12 rounds fired. Staying with short actions, so this has to go Prices reflect condition of rifles. Reasonable offers accepted. Rife is in perfect condition. Included factory box and all contents. Prices are shipped lower 48 to...
  10. rfurman24

    Sako 75/85 Jard Trigger. Works with Fierce.

    $100.00 shipped. Has 12oz spring but others can be purchased from Jard. This also works on Fierce rifles. This is the version for the DBMs.
  11. S


  12. A

    FS or Trade - Sako Finnfire II .22LR

    NIB - This sat on the gunrack at a local Sportsman's for a couple years and I just couldn't walk by it any longer and finally bought it just a few days ago. Decided a bolt action is not the direction I want to go for my needs so I am selling this after owning it for 3 days. Outside of the...
  13. F

    SOLD/EXPIRED sako 3006

    WTS Sako 3006. This was called the sako hi power and was built in the 1950s using a fn98 action. Bluing is near excellent. Stock shows some use with some scattered handling marks, checkering is worn from handling. Overall a very nice and serviceable hunting rifle. Not a collector piece but a...
  14. L

    SOLD/EXPIRED Sako V .375 H&H Magnum

    Posting for a friend. Excellent condition Sako V 375 H&H Magnum with 23.5" barrel. This rifle has been shot a few rounds to check function, but is in pristine, showcase condition.. Comes with Sako bases and Leupold Vari-X III 1.75-6x28 gloss duplex scope, also in excellent condtion. No...
  15. L

    SOLD/EXPIRED Sako L61R .25-06 Finnbear

    Posting for a friend. Excellent condition Sako L61R Finnbear in .25-06 Remington with 23.5" barrel. This rifle has been shot, but is in pristine, showcase condition. Serial# is 520xxx AV. Comes with Sako bases with 1" tube rings and Leupold Vari-X III 4.5-14x40 AO duplex scope, also in...