1. H

    Cabelas/Bass Pro H1000 and Retumbo Could do instore pickup to save in hazmat.

    SOLD/EXPIRED StaBall HD powder 4 -1 lb. cans unopened in NW Washington

    Winchester® StaBALL™ HD is a temperature-insensitive, double-base, BALL® Powder, stable in extreme-hot or -cold conditions. This slow-burning magnum powder provides optimal loading density in large capacity magnum cartridges appropriate for the burn speed, which is ideal for 6.5 PRC, 7MM...

    Wanted - Hodgdon Retumbo

    Wanted - Retumbo at least 2 pounds. I live in NW Washington or if you would ship. Thanks!
  4. R

    WTS Retumbo in SW Missouri

    I’m in SW Missouri near Springfield. I have a 8lb jug of Retumbo that I’ll likely not use. I have plenty of other powders that I like, and don’t have time to try or work up other loads. Anyone close that needs it? Only trades would be for RL26 or RL23. I do not plan on shipping. Will meet FTF...
  5. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED 6+ pounds Retumbo - North Idaho

    For sale is 6+ pounds of Retumbo powder. I just got this in a trade from a gentleman who sold his 28 Nosler, and had no need for it anymore. I would keep it, but my use of Retumbo is slow enough that the singles I have are better suited for my needs. I weighed a full container of other powder I...
  6. bigbulldoza

    Berger 195 7mm up for trade for retumbo and/ or Berger 180 hyb

    Sealed Berger 195, 7mm, sealed 500, 3 sealed 100 I want to trade for Retumbo and or Berger 180hyb 7mm
  7. Howland

    SOLD/EXPIRED SPF - H4350 sealed 8lb jug, F2F only Greenville SC area

    I have one sealed jug of H4350 that I bought when planning an AR10 build. I ended up going .308 so I don't have a use for it. Only BIN on GB is $700 (updated 2/1). GB is crazy but I'm not. I'd prefer to trade for things I could use but I would take cash. Current GB bids are $300 w/ 6+ days left...
  8. BlazerBeam

    338 RUM 250 Barnes LRX

    Anybody shooting the 250 grain Barnes LRX out of their 338 Ultra mag? I have a 26 inch Fierce carbon fiber barrel on mine and would like to try this bullet out if I can get it going at least 3,000 FPS with great accuracy (half inch at 100 yards). I have tons of H1000, retumbo, and RL26. Anybody...
  9. SilverbulletMAG

    FOR TRADE: H4350 for Varget

    My Varget stock is running low. Anyone interested in a 1 for 1 trade, H4350 for Varget? (or Retumbo) 😏 I have 4 sealed 1lb cans or a sealed 8lb jug for trade. Not selling, only interested in a trade. Zip 80906.
  10. BlazerBeam


    Looking to buy at least 4 pounds of retumbo, but I’ll take whatever you’re willing to sell. I have a perfect load for a 28 Nosler that I don’t really want to abandon once the little retumbo I have left is gone. I live in south central Montana. Let me know if you have any to spare. Thanks guys!
  11. C


    Anybody seeing this for sale anywhere online?? Or for that matter retumbo?
  12. D


    Just a heads up Mid south has Retumbo in stock. Better hurry!
  13. D


    Just a heads up. Mid south has retumbo in stock. Just ordered mine
  14. Braunschweiger

    TWO 1-Pound Containers - Retumbo

    I haven't started reloading my 338 Lapua yet, but originally opted for Retumbo... being as Retumbo is really no where in sight, I'm not going to do load development on it and then have to try and find it or another powder to replace it.. so I'm just going to sell what I have and switch to IMR...
  15. Braunschweiger

    Availability of H1000 and Retumbo

    I’ve noticed very recently (now that I need more) that H1000 and Retumbo are very hard to find. I live in Missouri within 1 hour of both Midway and Grafs. Called grafs today, Retumbo must not be being made any more, and H1000 out of stock. I have a 338 Lapua and a 6.5 SAUM in which I was using...
  16. elj1973

    Sendero sfii 7mm Rem mag eld-X 175 grain load help

    New to the forum and a fairly new to reloading. I have a Remington Sendero Sfii in 7mm Rem mag, with factory 26 in 1:9.25 twist barrel with O.A.L. Of 2.746 touching lands. Have read that this set-up will shoot the heavy pills (175-180's) quite well. So looking at loading up some 175 grain...
  17. A

    Berger .338 300 grain OTM and Retumbo powder

    2 full box's and 1 opened 80qty left = 280 rounds of .338 300grain Berger OTM bullets - 175$ 2 - 1lb. unopened Retumbo powder - 40$ Call or text Jesse @ 918-924-6790