1. A

    WWT for Berger 6.5 156 grain

    Would prefer face to face, Newberg Oregon. If shipping ammo, I need comp of DR for proof of age. Looking for Bergers in the 156 grain for 6.5 Trading options, only trading. H1000, Retumbo,Normal MRP, 8 lbs N568, RL 22, RL 15. CCI LRP, 210 BRAND NEW Box of 50 new ADG 6.5 PRC BRASS 142 grain...
  2. S

    CCI BR large rifle primers

    I bought a brick (1,000) CCI BR LG rifle primers, Cabelas has in stock in Buffalo behind gun counter. I have people telling me retail $104 is way to much. I look on CCI web page and they list at $94. Did I over pay? Will this be the new price? if this was discussed previously.
  3. J


    Hey all. Just looking to trade a brick of 1000 CCI 450’s for LRM. If not I would be willing to sell for the cost I paid. I am I Colorado Springs and am unable to ship so locals only
  4. J

    CCI 450 small magnum rifle primers

    I am looking to trade a brick of 1000 CCI 450 primers for 1000 Large Rifle Magnum primers. I am in Colorado until end of June so locals only please.
  5. L

    Primers in Central New York

    Is anyone in a position to sell me ( for non-Gb prices) some primers ? Looking first for some large rifle or small pistol specifically.. thanks in advance , I know it’s a long shot... 😂😂
  6. Lycanit

    Apologies, double posted

    I am asking if anyone is able and willing to sell some small rifle primers.. I have a friend in the Rome georgia area starting to reload for small rifle primer and I want to help him. I also am running low on primers.< 200 if anyone is able to help I'll come to you within 200 miles. PM me if...
  7. Blaster01

    Will trade federal 210m or 215m for small rifle primers

    In need of some small rifle primers. I have 800 each of federal 210m and 215m primers I would trade for an equal amount of cci 400,450 or br4, or even federal small rifle primers. I’m located in Salem Oregon but travel to Chehalis wa weekly. Also could talk about shipping which I will pay for...
  8. Wilson2222

    Primers: Std. vs. Magnum

    Looking for information in regard to using standard (CCI # 400) vs. magnum (CCI # 450) small rifle primers for Lapua 6.5 x 47MM. Please feel free to weigh in on .223 also. Someone said magnum primers work well for .223 and I don't know how much to trust that info. I'm sure it has been...