1. E

    6.5 PRC Lapua Brass, NIB, 2 boxes, same lot number, 200 pieces

    $170/box shipped, OBO, prefer to sell both together. I got these a while back and opted to standardize on different brass.
  2. RobertB

    G.A. Precision 6.5 CM/6.5 PRC

    Brand new! Only test fired by GAP. I have identical rifles, 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 PRC Built by the best with the best components. With 2 price increases since I bought these it would cost much more to build these today. Rifles weigh 7.7# Mack Bros Evo2 Bartlein CFW #14 24” 7.75 tw Manners LRH...
  3. A

    WTT Tikka 6.5 prc for 6.8 western

    I know it's long shot but I have a brand new/unfired Tikka t3x roughtech in 6.5 prc I'd like to trade for an xbolt 6.8 western. The only thing done to this one is the spray job on the stock and will come with the rail mount. It is unfired.
  4. D

    Proof carbon 300PRC pre fit for Impact 787r - 24”

    Title pretty much says it all. I bought this barrel six months ago but before it showed up I found one for my build. 300PRC machined in house by proof research to screw directly onto an impact long action (787r) without any gunsmithing required. Barrel is 24” with 5/8x24 muzzle thread. 1:9...
  5. K

    SOLD/EXPIRED Terminus 3rd 6.5PRC magazine

    I bought this to compare it to the Hawkins BDL bottom metal. I used this magazine at the range one time, never carried in the woods. It is in like new condition. I used it along with flush fit bottom metal and a Bighorn/Zermatt SR3 short action and it fed flawlessly. Asking $140 shipped...
  6. K

    TL3/SR3 Prefit - Proof Carbon 6.5PRC

    Hello, I have a used 6.5PRC Proof Carbon Fiber barrel, 24" long, 1:7.5 twist. Sendaro-lite contour I think. This is a prefit for a Bighorn/Zermatt TL3 or SR3. I bought this used from someone who used it for about 400rds as a 6.5x47L, then sent it to PVA and had it rechambered as 6.5PRC. It...
  7. S

    6.5 prc brass

    Anybody have some 6.5 prc brass they’d let go of? Got a new build I’m getting parts for and could use some brass on hand so I’m ready to shoot the rifle once it’s finished? If you have links to stores with it that’d be appreciated too. Looking for new brass that’s unfired
  8. S

    16.5” 6.5 prc? build

    Hey guys I just acquired a new to me defiance deviant tactical action with an mpa 6.5cm barrel attached to it. I was planning on getting a magnum bolt for the deviant so I could have a 16.5” 6.5prc barrel spun up for it. My few questions are with the prc being a “6.5cm magnum” am I going to get...
  9. A

    6.5 PRC AMMO

    Nosler AB LR AMMO IN 6.5PRC 142 grain. $80.00 plus S&H
  10. A

    SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5 PRC brass ADG

    ADG 6.5 PRC brass boxes of 50 @ $125.00 each plus S&H I prefer to sell 3 boxes at a time if shipping.
  11. A

    6.5 PRC brass ADG

    I have several boxes of ADG 6.5 PRC, new, sealed box, brass. 50 pieces a box. Im asking $125.00 plus S&H a box with a three box minimum purchase. I dont want to run back and forth to the post office 13 times, hints to why three box minimum. Im in NW Oregon, so if you want to drive here, one...
  12. TriggerTime426

    SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5 prc hornady precision hunter

    Looking to try trade my box of 6.5 prc precision hunter for some good brass, don't want hornady brass, let me know what you have thanks
  13. TriggerTime426

    156 berger in 8" twist 6.5 stability

    I'm looking to put a 6.5 prc barrel on my savage and plan to shoot the 156 berger for big game purposes but alot of the barrel company's that i was interested in don't make lower than 8" twist, and berger states the 156 is marginally stabil in a 8" has anyone had really good results or really...
  14. D

    Broughton 5c 6.5 8tw 4.1 contour barrel $250 shipped

    Broughton 5c, 8 twist ,6.5/264, 4.1 contour barrel blank. Blank length is 29" would finish @ 26" or less. Muzzle diameter should be aprx .700 @ 26" and .715 @ 24" $250 firm USPS money order only. Shipped to lower 48.
  15. D

    Bighorn Origin - Wyatt’s extended mag box

    Has anyone done this yet? I know they don’t offer the option on the origin like they do on the SR3, but is there any mechanical reason to not do this? Needing the length for a 6.5prc on a short action.
  16. IdahoHunter208

    Browning X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon Long Range 6.5CM

    SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! Selling my Browning X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon Long Range in 6.5 Creedmoor. Rifle has less than 100 rounds down the tube (92 rounds to be exact). Rifle comes with an Evolution Gun Works (EGW) 20 MOA scope base. I had my gunsmith install the scope base and skim bed the base so it is...
  17. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Extend PROMO

    we made a mistake that made our Promo Code limited to a small handful of people. This means the “THANKYOU” 10% off promo will be extended until this Friday! On everything store wide, This includes our Packlite Rifles, Oryx Rifle, And Rem Packs. (This is the biggest discount we will offer this...