1. B

    SOLD/EXPIRED 125 Norma brass cases for 6XC

    For sale is 125 Norma brass cases for 6XC. Brass was decapped and tumbled in stainless media. Unknown number of firings. All cases were checked with a .210 pin gauge to ensure they are still tight. First "I will take it" followed with a pm gets the cases. Price is $50 plus $10 shipping. I live...
  2. B

    200 new Norma brass cases for 223 Remington

    For sale is 200 new Norma brass cases for 223 Remington. $110 shipped. I have a little over 600 available if you want more than 200 I can combine shipping up to about 600 and then I would need additional shipping. I live in Maricopa AZ so if you can pick up here the price is $100. Payment via Z...
  3. Happyshooter

    First day with Norma 143 Grain Bondstrike Ammo

    I got a call from a Norma rep a couple weeks ago and he said they want their factory ammo to have more of a presence in the US market. We spoke specifically about ammo that would be effective at longer ranges. I was told to try the Bondstrike ammo, so I called Sports South and got a few boxes to...
  4. C

    Desert Tech SRS A1 300 Norma

    Desert Tech SRS A1 Gen 2 in 300 Norma Mag. Has 23in, heavily twist fluted barrel from SAC with 1:8 twist. Round count is 137. Gun is in like new condition. I only hunt, so no strings of fire beyond 3 shots. As you can see from the round count, not much shooting at all. Comes with dies...
  5. B

    SOLD/EXPIRED 125 once fired Prime (Norma) brass cases for 6mm Creedmoor

    For sale is 125 once fired Prime (Norma) brass cases for 6mm Creedmoor. Large primer pocket. Brass was decapped and tumbled in stainless media. First "I will take it" followed with a pm gets the cases. Price is $55 plus $10 shipping. I live in Maricopa AZ. If you can meet me here the price is...
  6. Petey308

    Norma BondStrike, TipStrike, and J&A Abram bullets

    More bullets added to my ever growing database. One of these is from a small custom bullet maker, J&A Custom Ammunition, called the Abram. They seem to be a great compromise between a soft point design, that would lower potential BC and consistency, and your typical open tip match (OTM) bullet...
  7. 82bluestang

    284 win Norma brass 458ct

    I have 458 pieces of 284 win Norma brass. Anywhere from ice fired to 5 times fired. In good shape. I got out of the caliber. 75$ shipped. All bullets will be pulled and it will be just brass getting shipped. The ammo wallets are not for sale. Thank you
  8. Coercionist

    300 norma imp v 30-338 lapua imp

    Recently I have been searching for a hot rod of some sorts, ballistically speaking, Initially I was looking for load data for the Cheytech level rifles however after extensive research I have came to the conclusion that I personally do not need a cheytac. One thing that I have been looking at...
  9. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm Rem Mag Brass

    103 Norma 1x Fired, FL Sized and Cleaned 20 FC 1x Fired and FL Sized 31 Hornady 1x Fired, FL Sized, Cleaned and Primed $120 shipped TYD Would trade for 30cal Berger VLD Hunting in 195hr or 210gr. Cross posted.
  10. sniperVLS

    SOLD/EXPIRED Once Fired .300RUM Norma & Nosler brass

    *Waiting for funds, consider these sold until otherwise noted... These are my personal Once Fired 40 pieces of brass, I'll have more in the coming months, as I'm out consistently hitting 1,200 yards, a Mile is within reach at Thunder Valley here in Ohio. 1 box is from Norma Bondstrikes, the...
  11. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED 300 hulk Norma Improved

    300 hulk with 500 rounds down the barrel. Shoots the 190 vld over 3300 FPS. Extremely accurate with 1/3 moa accuracy. 70 Norma brass. 28” barrel fluted. Jewel trigger. Pierce action single shot with rail. Nightforce rings. 30 power huskemaw scope. McMillan ultralight stock. 11 pound gun...
  12. CMDR Kibo

    SOLD/EXPIRED Weatherby (Norma) 30-378 Brass

    I gifted my nephew my .30-378 rifle several years ago and he’s having a blast with it. Despite my best efforts, he is not interested in reloading so I have decided to sell the brass. 115 pcs of WBY (Norma) Brass 1 and 2x fired. $145 plus $15 for USPS priority mail medium box. Most of this...
  13. R

    300 Norma Improved Defiance McMillan

    300 Norma Improved ( Tom Sarver reamer) Rifle has roughly 460 rounds down the barrel shooting Berger 210s. Rifle is as accurate as they come. Shoots consistent 2-3" groups at 1k. Very forgiving when loading. I have 2 proven loads with Norma brass and Retumbo. Gun weighs #9 lbs without optics...
  14. S

    Problems w/Norma ammo - need advice

    Bought 6 boxes of Norma 308 Norma mag 180 gr Oryx precision ammo from Trade Ex Canada (T.E.C.) and all were from the same lot. I had purchased a Browning Safari grade 1 along with a Sig Sauer BDX scope/rangefinder and had planned on using the combo on a bison hunt this last fall. After putting...
  15. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED Nosler and Norma brass - CONDENSING TO NEW AD

    For sale is the following brass from an estate sale. Most of the previous brass sold from the estate has been new and unfired. Some opened, most unopened. The brass is physically in a storage unit so I don't have immediate access to check lot numbers, etc. The following is the base price and if...
  16. 3

    Criterion Savage Prefit 6.5-284 Norma Hvy Bbl, Dies, and Brass

    Cleaning out my hobbyroom... I have a Criterion Varmint contour, 6.5-284 Norma bbl in 26" length, 1-8 twist, about 20 Norma brass and 20 lapua brass, and some loaded rounds as well. Barrel shot 2 bullets, 140 vld and 140 gold dot with h1000 and h4831 in 1" groups at 290 yds with first load...
  17. lovec_1

    7mm Rem Mag and the old Barnes...

    Guys, this will be practically ancient question, but... :-) My smith gave me few boxes of the old Barnes X 175gr flat base bullets (no bands on it). I like to try it with the Norma MRP-2. I already have sorted the bullets for base-to-ogive length - surprisingly accurate. The next step, I've...
  18. R

    When to sell full custom?

    I have noticed over the years that full custom rigs sell better at different times of year. What are yalls thoughts on when the best time of year to sell a high end rifle. Just FYI the rifle in question is a RedRock ELR 300 Norma improved with the big Huskemaw Scope, 3 turrets for different...
  19. D

    HORNADY 300 NORMA MAG 40 Rounds/2 boxes 225 Gr

    Have For Sale 40 rounds of Factory MATCH HORNADY FOR 300 NORMA MAG Ammuntion. ORIGINAL FACTORY AMMO, BOXES DO SHOW SOME WEAR. Hornady are 225 GR ELD Match. These are all as new ammunition. Buyer pays $20.00 shipping/ground. I will not ship the ammunition to the following states:California...
  20. B

    7mm STW Once Fired Brass For Sale

    200 pcs once fired Nosler brand 7mm STW brass for sale. Shot once and stored inside. Will ship for $15 USPS. $100 + Shipping.