elk hunting

  1. T

    338-06 A square vs 338-06 AI

    Howdy all, I have a rem 700 long action and a 1-10” twist 338 blank I’m planning on getting put together before this fall. Jus curious what some of your thoughts/ideas regarding which to go with… resizing A square from 30-06 brass just seems easier. Any benefits of the AI that would come into...
  2. OG-danimal

    Another 6.5 bullet poll

    Elk hunting with 6.5 prc out to 700 yards. Let’s here it.
  3. P

    Supressed or not

    I am a very new hunter. So far I have shot in competitions. I am a big proponent of shooting suppressed because I really like my ears and reduces recoil. I would assume it would even make more sense shooting with a can when hunting, otherwise I will have to wear ear plugs all day. I realise that...
  4. R

    OTM vs. Elite Hunter

    Anyone have real world experience using the OTM's on elk? Specifically the 300gr in .338 caliber. I don't see much about it on the forums since about 2013 and there has to be a lot of use of this bullet since then. Looks like they have a thicker jacket then the hybrids (which are well known...
  5. RuttingRN

    Back in the Saddle Again…Well Almost.

    Good evening ladies and gents, This is my first post so please excuse me if I’m reviving a beaten/dead horse. Also, I apologize for the novel below…whoops. I grew up shooting and hunting (since I could hold and safely use a firearm). Mind you I was never taught the sciences of shooting, just...
  6. fnlights

    Which Crispi boot model?

    Hi All, My dad and I have an elk hunt planned for the first rifle season in Northern Colorado - we are looking at some higher quality boots and it seems everyone that has Crispi's loves them. The issue being, I am from PA so there are no Crispi, Kenetrek, etc dealers near us to try the boots...
  7. fnlights

    Home-made Cooler for Elk?

    Has anyone home-made a cooler for elk? My dad and I have a guided elk hunt planned for 2022 and plan on driving out to Colorado (from PA). The issue being getting the meat back. We are looking at building a few coolers to throw in the bed of the truck to store the meat. But neither of us have...
  8. G

    308 ammo for elk (barrel length)

    Hey guys, I'm looking at getting a Sig Cross in a 308. The Cross is a 16inch barrel and I will have it suppressed. With the shorter barrel length, I'm debating what factory ammo would be best out of that shorter inch barrel for elk. This will be my first Elk hunt and the outfitter is advising...
  9. JustPuddles

    Colorado GMU 54

    I moved to Colorado a few years ago from Ohio. I have a Bull Elk tag for the first rifle season in unit 54. I was planning on entering from the rainbow lake trail head (which seems to be very popular) and thinking of having a base camp somewhere between South Baldy and Storm Pass. I grew up deer...
  10. Tuler

    Scent Elimination for a long range hunt?

    We're heading back to Idaho this year to hunt elk and deer. Typically it's a 200+ yard shot, but we have shot elk in the 30-yard range before (which shocked us as much as the elk). A buddy and I were talking about scent elimination and he was recommending that I should get some from a company...
  11. D

    Planning first elk hunt need help

    Hunted exclusive on the east coast, and some in Texas and Missouri. I have about 22 years experience hunting deer, hogs, turkeys, and all types of small game/ varmints. My Army buddy is graduating Columbia in December 2020. He wants to do a once in a lifetime hunt. He has a lot of firearms...
  12. Timber338

    338 270gr ELD-X

    I’ve wanted to start a dedicated thread for anybody with experience shooting the 338 270gr ELD-X. It does not seem that many people shoot this bullet. Maybe we can dig up some field results. What cartridge, powder, seating depth, muzzle velocity, etc, are your shooting? How accurately are...
  13. J

    181 gr Hammer Hunters

    I had the chance of of testing out these in my 300 WM today. Shot great. Now to load more and try them out to 500 and 800 yds.These were at 100 yds trying different charges.
  14. M

    Newby Here from California.

    I appreciate the welcome. I love Elk Hunting and Riding my mules. I train mules, have been training mules for forty plus years. I have 12 mules.
  15. J

    Just a Heads Up on Game Bags

    Black Ovis Game Bags on Camofire today.