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  1. M

    Best Caliber Rifle Elk

    Hi everyone, so I am new Elk and deer hunter. I grew up hunting mostly upland game. I am going on a guided Elk hunt in October in Idaho and I looking to purchase a larger caliber rifle than my 6.5 creedmoor. I’ve ready many articles debating this topic. I am a big guy 6-3 230. Not afraid of a...
  2. TriggerTime426

    First Elk hunt DIY Colorado public land highs and lows and success

    Me and a buddy set out for a public land DIY first ever elk hunt in Colorado for the second rifle season that I had been planning for about 2 years, and thought I would share the experience for others thinking about tackling something like this. We drove 16 hours from Iowa and went to unit 12. I...
  3. fnlights

    Home-made Cooler for Elk?

    Has anyone home-made a cooler for elk? My dad and I have a guided elk hunt planned for 2022 and plan on driving out to Colorado (from PA). The issue being getting the meat back. We are looking at building a few coolers to throw in the bed of the truck to store the meat. But neither of us have...
  4. fnlights

    Outfitter for Colorado/Wyoming for under $5,500?

    Has anyone went on a guided hunt in Colorado/Wyoming for under $5,500 (this includes elk tag)? If so, who was the outfitter and how was the experience?
  5. Moose360

    The Wife’s first elk

  6. MWood

    Any Tips for Transporting Elk Antlers on Airplane?

    Hello, I am flying out for Elk hunt in Idaho first week of October. Normally I drive to any hunts, but this year due to work I am not able to get enough time from work to drive and have to fly. Have any of you ever transported Elk Antlers on Airplane? I would really appreciate any experience...
  7. moa_shooter

    colorado elk hunt

    i am wondering where i should go in Colorado elk hunt next year because i am getting a youth tag for Colorado. I will be 16 and was wondering what is the best public unit to hunt is best? because we are traveling from South Dakota to Colorado! This will be my first ever elk hunt and want to make...
  8. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Save 1000$ on Packlite Titanium Rellik riffles by Straight Jacket Armory

    Save 1,000.00! Regular 5,250.00 now just 4,250.00 Packlite Rellik Titanium rifles On sale until 6/17/18 Orders will ship mid to late August. Just in time for you hunt! As always we provide 2 days of long range training with your purchase on our private range in Evanston Wyoming. Long or short...
  9. S

    Colorado GMU 65 1st rifle recommendations

    My best friend and I drew for 1st season elk in GMU 65this year. We plan on backpacking into the Uncompahgre Wilderness and hunt the east fork of the Cimarron River. That being said, does anyone have any other areas in the GMU we should look at? I welcome any and all advice, in general. Thanks!
  10. ADMIN

    LRH & NTO 2014 Group Elk Hunt Report

    This is a thread for discussion of the article, LRH & NTO 2014 Group Elk Hunt Report, By Andy Backus. Here you can ask questions or make comments about the article.
  11. T

    CircleKBL Elk Hunt report

    Our Idaho rut hunt got off to a great start this year. A good number of our hunters did well in spite of the unusually warm weather. We are looking forward to the start of the Montana rifle season on the 22nd of October as well as continuing our back country wilderness hunts in Idaho...
  12. T

    Cody B.,13, takes 6 x 6 elk

    We have had a good season so far this year. After a long hard hunt in the Idaho wilderness Cody B., 13 years old, was able to take a very nice 6x6. His dad passed on a 6 x 6 also as he did not want to take an elk before his son on the hunt. A number of our hunters did well also. With the...