custom build

  1. Goldy300

    Custom Classic Hunter

    6.5 Creedmoor built on a Mack Bros. action. DLC'd bolt. Has a fluted Bartlein #3 contour barrel cut at 21". Cerakoted in Elite Midnight. Has a custom seamless thread protector for when it is not wearing the can. Threaded Muzzle (5/8x24). Bedding in a McMillan Game Hunter stock in McWalnut color...
  2. B

    Wolf Precision shooting class

    I recently purchased a rifle from Wolf Precision and wanted to learn how to practice to get the most out of my new weapon. Jamie‘s class was a good mix of classroom instruction and field shooting. I still have much to learn but I have a much better game plan to improve than putting a paper...
  3. Mc Fraser

    7 SAUM

    My next build will be a 7 SAUM around the 143g Hammer Hunter bullet. If you are shooting a 7 SAUM with a 21-22in barrel please share your velocity, powder and bullet weight.
  4. badthirtyone

    Tikka Full Custom - Black Canyon Customs

    I've seen a couple of our members that have received (or finished) their custom rifles over the past week. I figured that I would add to the frenzy by posting the Black Canyon Customs built Tikka that I just picked up after waiting these past couple of months. I need to say up front, that...
  5. K

    Next Rifle Decision Help

    I have been trying to decide on a route to go for a new rifle for my brother but can't come to a final conclusion so I am looking for help. I am not sure whether to go with a higher-end factory rifle such as a fierce or a 2020 waypoint but also whether to go for a custom build either by me...
  6. RuninL8

    6mm Dasher Custom

    This is custom built PRS ready rifle built by Capers Precision Gun Works, LLC. Brand new, 38 rounds fired for precision validation. This rifle was built with tolerances under .0001 runout. Extremely accurate and shoots like a dream. Does not come with suppressor, or bipod (Matching FDA thread...
  7. J

    Custom Accurate Ordnance Built 6.5 Creedmoor

    Accurate Ordnance built 6.5 Creedmoor for sale. Rifle has a Stiller Action, Rock creek barrel 1/8 twist 22 inch barrel with a 9/16x24 thread, A Hunter Tan OD marble stock that is pillar bedded with 2 flush cups on the left side and a bipod stud. The finish is Cerakote OD green. The rifle has a...
  8. jeremy_f24

    First custom rifle build (flood me with your suggestions or advice)

    First off I am an avid hunter, absolutely new and green to the reloading process and long range shooting. I have a cousin that is a genius at this and have talked much with him on suggestions / feedback which has led me to start shying away from standard rifles and delve into custom. my...
  9. rgmeddn

    Custom 6.5mm RSAUM and more NEVER FIRED

    Rifle: 15.5 lbs, 6.5mm RSAUM, custom build by John Beanland, threaded 26" Krieger M24 contour barrel 1:8, 0.080" "turn" chambering, Bighorn Arms TL3-SA, Jewell trigger, Spuhr mount, Kahles K 624i scope, McMillan stock "and more" (meaning handloading components and dies) Brass: 7mm RSAUM Norma...
  10. Huskershooter6.5

    Adjustable or non adjustable

    Hey guys, so hoping to finally start the custom build this spring. Currently deciding between ag composites alpine hunter or manners eh1. My question is there a good way to figure out if I need an adjustable stock or not? If I went adjustable I’m leaning ag because it’s only 8oz more than the...
  11. S

    KRG Bravo PRS Competition rifle from Straight Jacket Armory

    Lately many of the shooters who call Straight Jacket Armory have been asking how they can get into PRS with an affordable rifle that will deliver outstanding performance. We pair a proven combo using the feature rich Origin RD3 action with a quality Benchmark Medium Palma 24" and install that on...