1. MoreSalsa

    Cleaning dusty/sandy gun, anything special?

    My rifle and revolver picked up a light coating of dust/fine sand from my last outing. Just wondering if anything special is in order in cleaning them. In particular I'm worried about micro scratches or other damage, including inside of the bore, chamber, etc. I thought maybe using compressed...
  2. N

    Rem 700 receiver dirty

    So I'm excited I finally got my first rifle yesterday a rem 700 223.last last night when I was throughly look through the gun I found the reviecer had some white - brown film near the end probably on the back of the barrel. I don't know if this is normal or how I should go about cleaning it...
  3. A

    Gun Cleaning Question

    I currently have 3 browning X-Bolts, all of which I cleaned using a basic hoppes cleaning kit. After I completed the cleaning I went online, and discovered all of the hate about the 3 piece rods, and not using a bore guide. My questions is, 2 of my guns are wooden stock, 1 is synthetic. I have...
  4. 65WSM

    Forster Crank Large Primer Pocket Tool

    Sold Sold Sold Forster carbide tipped primer pocket "uniformer" or cleaning tool. It has a crank that makes this chore go quicker and easier on the wrist. This tool is bench mounted or mounted to a board that is clamped to a bench. It anchors with two #8 screws. You can lean into this tool...