brass for sale

  1. CODzilla

    SOLD/EXPIRED 300 Win Mag Brass

    Selling 400 pieces of once fired 300 Win Mag brass. 197 are FC headstamp and 203 are WW headstamp. Selling for $300 shipped. I’d keep ‘em, but I sold my WM.

    Hornady 7mm brass

    Wanted: Hornady 7mm rem mag brass - preferably new
  3. J

    Once Shot Brass For Sale

    Once shot factory ammo for sale. All in excellent condition. PM me for details. Calibers i have: 6.5 PRC 6.8 Western 300 WM 7mm Mag 308 Win 28 Nosler 25-06 Rem 350 LGND 30-06 SPRG 300 WSM
  4. B

    338 Remington Ultra Mag unfired cases (50count) plus a new Redding 338 Rem Ultra Mag S die bushing neck sizing die

    I have 50 unfired (brand new) 338 R-P Ultra Mag cases plus a new Redding St die..338 Ultra Mag bushing neck die. Does not come with bushings. Buyer pays actual cost shipping.. $300.00 for cases and die. Cases only $250.00. Die only $85.00
  5. Hawkeye Pierce


    Morning everybody, this is for you guys who are looking for some brass. I just got word that Bertram is getting a shipment ready to go and they are taking pre- orders. 28 Nosler and 300 PRC are available along with a bunch of others so check it out. It's good to see...
  6. PrecisionRx

    .35 Whelen Brass (once fired) for sale

    .35 Whelen Brass (once fired) mixed. #75 pieces. $50, plus $12 shipping in the US.
  7. PrecisionRx

    SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5 Grendel Brass (Hornady) for sale

    6.5 Grendel Brass (once fired) Hornady. #40 pieces. $40, plus $12 shipping in the US.
  8. PrecisionRx

    SOLD/EXPIRED .270 Weatherby Brass (Once fired)

    .270 Weatherby Brass #167 pieces. Most in boxes. $125 plus $15 shipping.
  9. Andrew Kopman

    300 PRC once fired Hornady Brass, 65 pieces

    I have 65 empty once fired Hornady Cases for a 300 PRC. Just resize, prep, and load. asking $125 OBO. on Gun broker once fired Hornady 300 PRC brass is going for over $3.00 a case. if your in the lower 48 I will ship free. Alaska and Hawaii I will have to charge shipping, or anywhere else...
  10. ddman

    SOLD/EXPIRED 300 wsm 1x fired brass 152 pieces

    I have for sale. 53 nickel Winchester fl sized and tumbled 19 federal tumbled 24 nosler tumbled 56 Remington tumbled 152 pieces total All 1x fired. $75 shipped to lower 48. Paypal friends and family w/ no note preferred, usps money order with picture and tracking number within a couple...
  11. PrecisionRx

    .270 Wby Mag Brass

    .270 Weatherby Mag brass for Sale. #155 pieces, once fired. $150, includes shipping - Paypal or Venmo.
  12. Dgod

    Oklahoma - 40 cal brass

    For sale, 979 +/- once fired 40 cal brass. $0.05 each plus shipping.
  13. Chris J Spierings

    243 Win Brass

    243 Win Remington brass 40 pieces $20 deprimed and tumbled twice fired
  14. Chris J Spierings

    280 Rem Brass for sale once fired

    280 Rem, 13 pieces Federal 20 pieces Remington $20 Once fired
  15. Chris J Spierings

    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm Rem Mag Brass Hornady

    Most are twice fired 7mm Rem Mag Hornady brass two bags available 40 pieces per bag $20/bag Tumbled and deprimed
  16. Chris J Spierings

    7mag, 243, and 280 brass for sale

    All twice fired 7mm Rem Mag Hornady brass two bags 40 pieces per bag $20/bag 243 Win Remington brass 40 pieces $20 280 Rem, 13 pieces Federal 20 pieces Remington $20 Take it all for $80 shipped in the lower 48
  17. H

    Reloading 101 again on BRASS casing's

    So I am a header press operator at a brass casing manufacturer and I'm wanting to get in to reloading my basic job is to create the primer pocket and head stamp I also have a little control over the length and the web of the part but the casing capacity/actual web is unknown to me because it's...
  18. moa_shooter

    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm rem mag brass mx head stamp

    i have once fired brass mixed head stamp All shot from same rifle Decapped and stainless steel tumbled USPS Money Order or Paypal F&F 100$ split shipping 7$
  19. moa_shooter

    7mm rem mag dies and brass

    I am looking for some 7mm rem mag dies and brass tell me what you have
  20. Hawkeye Pierce

    NEW 7mm WSM brass 100 ct.