1. Bjt308

    Springfield XDm 10mm bear pistol

    Springfield xdm in 10mm. Comes with original factory case. 4 magazines. Burris fast fire 3, olight pl2 Valkyrie, and t5 kydex holster. The gun has been carried a fair amount but only has a few hundred rounds through it. Asking $800.00 shipped
  2. charliehorse27

    Bear Attitude bow and extras - $250

    For sale is a Bear Attitude 60# draw compound bow. The draw length is currently 28.5" I think, with a wide range of options. One of the shorter overall lengths of bows out there, ideal for tree stands. IBO rating of 310 fps. Comes with 6 Cabela's Carbon Hunter arrows (27.25" C to C), 4 Cabela's...
  3. B

    Is this a black bear or grizzly

    Saw this guy at Yellowstone. Is it a grizzly or black bear?
  4. adictosacazar

    Bear Hunts 2022/2023.

    Canada Bear Hunt. Website: Season: May 1st to June 15. Hunting Area: Alberta 2 Hunters 1 Guide. 1 bear per hunter, Success Rate 99%. Each hunter can shoot a second bear at no extra cost. Bear Average size: Over 5.5 feet. Price 5.000€ or US$6.000 Per hunter. Book...
  5. N

    Big Alberta Spring Bear - Highlight Reel

    Not long range but Made a short video of some of the highlights from my buddies bear this spring. Action packed hunt. Hard to beat hunting bears from a ground blind.
  6. Blackkettle

    SW VA early Bear hunt

    Tree stand hunting in a pine hollow. Getting dark set my rifle against the tree lowered my pack put on my jacket. Heard what I thought was a grey squirrel. Looked under me, nothing,looked over my right shoulder and behind me in the laurel was a big freakin bear standing up looking at me. I...
  7. NEMTHunter

    Montana 2019 Hunting Season. What did you Draw??

    Howdy yall. What have you all drawn for this year? (2019) If you want name the district. Maybe we could meet up in the field! Also what season does it cover Rifle or Archery? I will start out. I got a 631 Either Sex tag for Elk. Rifle season Only. Thanks! and Happy Hunting!