1. JumpinLegs

    McGowen vs X-Caliber

    I'm rebarreling my rifle after I accidentally damaged the rifling substantially. It's a Mossberg Patriot. Since it's a budget rifle and my first rebarrel, I'm going with a budget barrel brand. I'm looking at X-Caliber and McGowen right now. Which would you choose? They're within $30 of each...
  2. Tumbleweed


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  3. W

    Proof research 20” 308 barrel for Bighorn Origin, 5/8x24 muzzle

    20” proof research carbon .308 win barrel For: Big horn origin 5/8x24 muzzle $700 200 ish round count
  4. AFmaryland

    SOLD/EXPIRED 556 heavy barrel 16" 1:7

    I believe I purchased this barrel several years ago from delta team tactical, it has never been fired. 556 heavy barrel 16" - has some light scuff marks on the outside. $60 shipped to your door.
  5. crypt_keeper

    WTS/WTT New/Unfired small shank 22in carbon 6.5CM barrel w/nut

    I have an IBI 22in carbon wrapped 6.5 creedmoor barrel for anything with savage small shank (Origin, Solus, Nucleus, etc). Light hunter contour (0.91 in @ muzzle), threaded muzzle and barrel nut included. $750 shipped or trade to small shank, origin or R700 prefits in 308 preferrably, also...
  6. crypt_keeper

    WTS/WTT PVA SS M24 26" Savage small shank 6.5CM

    I have a PVA SS 26" Savage small shank prefit 6.5 creedmoor for sale or trade. M24 contour straight taper down to 0.90 in @ muzzle. Barrel has about 300 rounds through it. Threaded muzzle, no barrel nut. $300+shipping or trade to small shank, origin or R700 prefits in 308 preferrably, or 7-08...
  7. J

    Howa 1500 Parts

    I have a howa 1500 factory take off stock,Factory trigger, And factory 243win barrel. Barrel=$80 Stock=95 Trigger=$20 Buyers pay shipping. All parts are for a howa 1500 short action.
  8. percyreynolds

    .300 Win Mag. Remington 700 Factory Stock/BDM/Barrel/Lug

    .300 Win Mag Factory Take Off, 70 Rounds in Barrel. Camo Dipped Composite Stock, Aluminum Flush BDM LA/MAG, 25” SS Barrel and Lug. $525 OBO Shipped Lower 48.
  9. michael.mule66

    22 NXS 22 Hagar AR-15 Barrel

    18” 22 NXS. Rifle length gas. I built 24” for more speed. Uses necked down 6 Hagar brass and 6.8spc bolt face. 22 nos will not shoot in this chamber. Holds a few gns more powder. Has about 150 down the tube. Shoots 3/4 with 53 vmax at 3400, or 3100 with 73 elds. Minute of a coyote. I’ll take...
  10. T

    savage 7mm mag stainless small shank take off barrel

    Have a savage stainless steel small shank barrel in 7mm mag. 24" long. Bought from NSSF auction. I have never fired it and dont think it has ever been fired beyond the factory. I bought it to use the action for a build. There is a small marred section 6" from the muzzle shown in the...
  11. jwolff

    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington Sendero Barrel chambered for 300RUM

    This barrel is nearly new, put 40 rounds through it before my brother talked me into building a 28 Nosler instead! This came off a new factory Remington Sendero purchased in 2019. It was threaded for a 5/8x24 muzzle brake. This is a great option for anyone looking to rebarrel their Sendero...
  12. F

    remage ragged hole 6.5cm barrel

    Looking to sell a brand new remage ragged hole barrel. Its a #3 contour Wilson, fluted, threaded and with the barrel nut, chambered in 6.5 CM. Was going to turn it into a 6.5 PRC but decided to go a different route. Asking 250 plus shipping cost.
  13. 33nos

    SOLD/EXPIRED 308 Shaw Mauser flutted barrel 18 inch

    Shaw barrel, flutted, recessed crown, in the white, 18 inch, threaded for large ring Mauser 98. Barrel is fully chambered and marked 308 Winchester. $100 shipped to you. USPS money orders or check payments
  14. S

    Tikka pre-fit headspace, Go/No-go

    I recently replaced a Tikka T3X .300WM sporter barrel with a factory take-off barrel that was threaded so I could shoot suppressed. Upon checking the headspace, the bolt closed on a go-gauge, but also closed on a no-go gauge. However, upon adding a piece of scotch tape (roughly another .002") to...
  15. D

    Proof carbon 300PRC pre fit for Impact 787r - 24”

    Title pretty much says it all. I bought this barrel six months ago but before it showed up I found one for my build. 300PRC machined in house by proof research to screw directly onto an impact long action (787r) without any gunsmithing required. Barrel is 24” with 5/8x24 muzzle thread. 1:9...
  16. C

    How Much Barrel Do I Have Left?

    Just trying to plan out my path forward in this shooting endeavor. My 6.5 CM with 24” Benchmark #5 contour barrel has just crossed the 1400 round count mark. I shoot about 40 rounds a week AND one to two rounds during hunting season, depending on how steady I can get. I have accumulated the...
  17. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED Hawk Hill .30 cal barrel blank

    For sale, a new, uncut and unchambered Hawk Hill .30 barrel blank. I picked this up in person a few weeks ago, as the HH is a local shop. It is a 28" blank in their heavy varmint contour, with 1:9 twist rate and 4 groove rifling. Very nice, quality made barrel, typical Hawk Hill. Asking $350...
  18. E

    SOLD/EXPIRED Proof Carbon fiber prefit for Zermatt Origin action. 6.5 creedmoor

    Proof Carbon fiber prefit for Zermatt Origin action. 6.5 creedmoor. Sendero contour. 24". 1:8. 330 rounds. Lots of barrel life left on it. Shoots great. Just decided to go with a different cartridge. $600 shipped
  19. 264MHC

    Faxon Match Gunner 6.5 Grendel Barrel

    Up for sale is my 16" Faxon Gunner 6.5 Grendel AR 15 Barrel. This barrel has about 500 rounds through it with plenty of life left. It is 1:8 Twist, 5r Rifled, melonited 416 Stainless steel with a nickel boron coated barrel extension. It fit nice and tight in the upper it was on and regularly...
  20. jeremy_f24

    First custom rifle build (flood me with your suggestions or advice)

    First off I am an avid hunter, absolutely new and green to the reloading process and long range shooting. I have a cousin that is a genius at this and have talked much with him on suggestions / feedback which has led me to start shying away from standard rifles and delve into custom. my...