1. J

    Amp annealer

    Looking for a a amp annealer thanks again
  2. Braunschweiger

    Brass Annealing and Modified Case Guage Services

    I was curious if there was any interest for a service (by myself) to anneal brass and create modified case gauges out of once fired brass. I have a drill press with proper bits for the Stoney Point/Hornady OAL Length guages. I also have an AMP Annealer Mk.2 with quite a few pilots to start with...
  3. cshootersolutions

    2nd Study on Salt Bath Annealing (SBA).

    I finished a second study on Salt Bath Annealing. This time I'm comparing SBA with Flame Annealing focusing on preserving the brass. Also testing a lower temperature differential for SBA (500C) versus what I recommend and used on my first study (550C)...
  4. Mc Fraser

    Salt Bath Annealing

    Hey guys, I stumbled onto this video and I wanted to hear your opinion on this method of annealing.
  5. BoatTail

    Dead soft brass!

    Until a couple months ago I had not heard of this. I start this thread in hopes of saving others from the trouble, confusion, wasted time trying to figure out what was wrong and cost of this mistake. While not an expert on this, I’m learning quickly and hope others will lend their expertise to...
  6. C

    Annealing made perfect

    Want to buy AMP machine.
  7. C

    Annealing made perfect

    Want to buy a annealing made perfect machine.
  8. C

    Annealing made perfect

    WTB annealing made perfect machine.
  9. D

    Annealing Machines. What's the "Best" one out there?

    Hi All, I'm looking into annealing machines and have a few questions. 1) What is generally considered the "Best" annealer and why? 2) Is Induction heat better than MAPP gas or propane flames? And is there a measurable performance increase? 3) If I wanted the "Best" annealer, what features...
  10. D

    What frequency of Annealing for best case life and consisitent accuracy?

    I have periodically annealed brass for a tactical competition rifle every 3-4 firings. Now I am starting to delve into LR/ELR shooting with a 7mm Remington Magnum, and soon a 300 Winchester Magnum. Based on your experience, what would your recommendation be for intervals between annealing...