1. B

    Blackpilled by Hornaday #50, #52 - Statistics with Ontarget TDS and Taran

    Friends, I was black pilled by the "Your Groups are Two Small Hornaday" podcast series. I have a long set of notes on their points and how they relate to at least my reloading journey (I'm a beginner). For this post, it suffices to say that I'm looking at inferential statistical methods to tell...
  2. Jack300WSM

    Brass sorting

    Just wanted to know thoughts on brass sorting. Do you, have you noticed a difference and when sorting what would your weight perameters be as far as range from what to keep in this batch as opposed to a separate batch? I’ve never personally done it but just need one more thing to drive me crazy..😆
  3. Rocketeer77

    Are bolt actions too slow

    There's a professional pest controller in Australia using a 308 Winchester who shoots five pigs that's with four of them on the run with a bolt action. How quick and accurate some shooters are with bolt actions is impressive.
  4. Morndorff95

    Anyone have experience/luck reloading for ar10/15 accuracy by adjusting bullet jump?

    I just got into reloading and have an AR10 (308) and AR15 (5.56) and was wondering if anyone has had any luck in regards to accuracy by adjusting bullet jump, or if the magazine is enough of a limiting factor to where length of the bullet seating depth to the leads would make it not be worth it...
  5. B

    Concentricity Adjustment and Neck Tension

    This is more of a theoretical question I haven’t found the answer to... After seating a round, I always will put it in a concentricity tool, and if the runout is greater than .002, I will use the adjustment tool to straighten the round until it is less that .002. In doing that, am I creating a...
  6. Jeremy338

    Trigger pull ounces or pounds

    Curious what guys are shooting long range and hunting with. I like trigger pull around 8oz some guys like 2.5lb. Why would you run heavy pull? I don’t load my rifle till I’m ready to shoot so a slip Fire is probably not a issue. I always hear the saying “ 2lb in a hunting rifle “. Why not...
  7. Silly_Ghillie

    Remington 700 SPS- to be or not to be?

    I am looking to put together a "precision" bolt gun using a OEM rifle for $2000 or less. This includes optics and accessories so about 1k of that limit is accounted for already. I have my eye on a 700 SPS varmint, a decent price with a good heavy barrel would give me a head start on this...
  8. M

    What is the documented truth on the .223 Wylde?

    So far, everyone who has an opinion on the .223 Wylde has intoned that it is a more accurate barrel chambering over the 5.56x45 or .223 Rem. However, once I ask where can I review any serious documentation to support this assertion of the .223 Wylde's superiority, then incredulous sputtering...
  9. whitetail regulator

    6.5 Grendel Ruger American feeding problem on last round

    6.5 Grendel Ruger American feeding problem on last round of a magazine....anyone else with this issue...any fixes or suggestions...please chime in thanks guys....
  10. Jack300WSM

    Decapping Rod Assembly question

    OK, I’ve always used a decapping rod assembly whenever I reload. Been doing so for twenty years. Is it really necessary? I read that it just introduces another variant to throw off concentricity and is not needed. I deprime with a universal depriming die before tumbling initially anyway. Getting...
  11. T

    Hammer vs cutting edge monolithics

    Any and all thoughts omen these two. Accuracy, terminal performance, pics, jump they like, etc Most of all I am curious if one is preferred Thanks
  12. combatcurt

    Speed vs Barrel life

    Ok, this topic seems to always carry extremely polarized opinions. On one side, folks argue that accuracy is far more important than velocity, and the other side gives up a little accuracy for speed. On another spectrum, some will worry about barrel life while some would rather not worry...
  13. hseII

    Fluting a barrel after it had been threaded

    Hello, I purchased a new Bartlein 30 cal 1:10 sendero barrel based on the input from a local smith that the barrel could be fluted after the rifle was assembled & 0 degrees established. I’m sure someone has done this previously. I am more accustomed to barrels being relieved by the barrel...
  14. B

    Neck Sizing Issues

    Hello all, I was wondering if neck-sizing really does offer an accuracy advantage? I have a single shot 22-250 Rem 12LRPV so the magazine issues would not be a problem. I full-length resize now with Hornady New Dimension dies. Also if I do neck-size the brass, how to I deal with the...