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    I want a legit argument against an old trusted cartridge

    I started off my hunting career with a 7mm Remington Magnum. It never failed me but eventually I was bitten by the "bigger and better" bug. I switched to a 300 win mag which I believed would serve me well with a little more knock down power, if I ever made it to Alaska to hunt big bears. I...
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    Custom 6mm-284

    Custom 6mm-284. The gun has a minor rub mark on barrel where the strap rubbed while in my vehicle. The gun has 250 rounds through it. The longest kill was a 980 yard double on coyotes. The gun shoots the 115s well. Components: McMillan ultralight a3 Jewel trigger Bdl bottom metal Defiance...
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    Freebore for 162 ELD-X in 284 Winchester

    I’m getting ready to order a reamer for a 284 Winchester build and was wondering if anyone can tell me the freebore in their chamber that is being used with the 162 ELD-X? I’m wanting to seat the bullet so the shank is above the neck/shoulder junction. The rifle will be built with a Remington...