18” .284 Win Bolt Gun Info


Sep 10, 2015
Hey guys!

I’m looking at building a compact hunting rifle for hunting in MT. Want a 0-700 yard shooter primarily for deer and wolves, and elk maybe out to 300-400. Leaning toward building a 284 Win with about a 18” barrel and hoping to shoot 168 vlds, or similar, at 2600fps +. (Basically a New Zealander’s "super bushpig”). I currently have a Tikka T3 Lite 25-06 that I am planning on using with a MDT chassis and folding stock. Shooting suppressed. My questions are the following:

1) What velocities can I expect with an 18” 284 Win with 168 vlds? Am I in the ballpark of my goal?

2) Should I alter the barrel length for any specific reason (16-20”)?

3) What barrel twist would be recommended to shoot 168 VLDs out of a 18” barrel?

4) Is there a different caliber and/or bullet weight I should be considering to fit this need?

Any advice, criticism, or warnings would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
That's a big case for such a short length. You're going to have to stick to faster burning powders not to lose a fair bit of velocity.

22" is about as short as I would go even if running a suppressor.
Good cartridge. I would go 20" at a minimum myself, but that is just me.
168 to 175s would be a great choice.
2600+ should be attainable. Not sure if it would get you to 700-800 though. You will have to run the numbers.
1:9" would be plenty, 1:8.5" would spin everything but the heaviest monos or the 195s. 1:8" if you want to go heavy mono or 195s.
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