Viking Tactics Hunting Sling (Non-Slip)


I first tried a Viking Tactics rifle sling several summers ago while helping teach our LRH shooting classes with Robb Wiley of Non-Typical Outfitters. Robb had become good friends with Viking Tactics owner Kyle Lamb and was using one of his slings and showing us how effective it was as a shooting aid.

The unique feature that makes a V-TAC sling so effective as a shooting aid is that you can quickly cinch it down tight around your body without struggling and breaking form, and then you can quickly and easily adjust it back to its longer carry length. In the picture below I have reversed my V-TAC sling front-to-back and have it wrapped over my shoulder and down under my left arm which sucks my rifle in tight. I can adjust just how tight by squeezing my left elbow in. I am amazed at how rock solid this feels. It also works great in the traditional fashion as a shooting aid wrapped around your left arm. 

Most slings are made to carry a rifle over your shoulder. Some are made as shooting aids but don't carry your rifle all that well. The V-TAC Sling does both superbly. 

-Len Backus-

Len Using Viking Tactics Sling


Since most hunters carry their rifles with the muzzle up this sling is designed with the intent of placing the wide portion towards the front of the rifle. Once attached to a quick detach swivel or HDQD you are in business. The sling can quickly be adjusted to enhance any shooting position as well as integrate with your backpack. The non-slip portion of the sling will keep the rifle in position as you walk, climb, or glass.

To ensure that the swivels stay in place follow the picture for correct lacing of the webbing through the tri-glide. Ensure that you run the free running end over and back through the buckle to lock it in place. The quick adjust portion of the sling is adjusted by pulling on the free running end; with or without weight the sling will adjust. To release, grab the small lanyard attached to the quick adjust buckle and pull up and out. This will release the sling to the desired length.

If attaching the rifle to your pack, cinch the sling to the shortest length and stow the excess in the attached tail keeper. This works well when using the sling with scabbards on horses and on ATV’s as well.

Sling swivels not included. Attach your own swivel in just a few minutes whether you use the stud type or the flush cup type. This sling works great with either type. Webbing is 1" wide. CLICK HERE and scroll down to purchase swivels. 

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